Benefits of reading before bed

When we were kids, we used to love bedtimes stories but as we get older, many of us turn away from books before we go to sleep. Now instead of Peter Pan’s adventures, we’re reading about Jenny’s divorce party on social media before heading off to slumberland. Was reading before bed really all that bad? Here are of the benefits we can experience when reading before bed.

Benefits of reading before bed

You’ll sleep better

Well, the first thing that will improve when you begin reading before bed is that you’ll sleep much better. Have you ever been tossing and turning all night because you can’t get something out of your head? By dipping your head into a book for a while before it’s time to go to sleep you can put your consciousness on another plane and relax your mind.

Living in a fictional world for a little while helps to ease any tensions you’re feeling, and it is one of the best habits you can have to guarantee truly restful sleep. It makes us wonder why we all seemed to stop reading before bed in the first place.

Your creativity will flourish

We know that our bodies need a workout, but so do our minds. Reading for a while before bed actually helps our minds develop creative and practical solutions to problems we face in everyday life. Research shows that reading books before drifting off to sleep boosts creativity, and those who do will develop more passion for their endeavors.

Many high-powered executives actually read pretty much anything before they fall asleep and it seems to be doing them some good.

It minimizes screen time

More and more time is spent staring at screens during our lives. If we aren’t staring at a screen at work, we’re looking at our phone, and that often means right up until the moment we fall asleep. Exposure to screens from cell phones and tablets can upset the rhythm of our hearts which in turn disrupts our sleep.

There is also the issue with blue light that is omitted from these devices which confuse our bodies into thinking it’s still day time. This can make it harder for us to fall asleep, but reading a book doesn’t have the same effect. There is no light coming from a good old fashioned book, and you’ll be able to drift off to sleep with no bother.

Benefits of reading before bed

Routine makes sleep easier

If you can make reading a part of your bedtime ritual, it can help you sleep better because it becomes a routine. Reading a book at the same time each night soon will begin sending signals to your brain that it won’t be long before you go to sleep. It will put your mind and body in the right state to fall asleep quicker and who couldn’t do with a little bit more sleep?

Who would have thought that the ancient pastime of reading is still as relevant now as it has ever been? Well, probably most people, but it can also help you get some shut-eye in a time when people are finding it harder and harder to get enough.