The best new summer makeup at Sephora

Sephora isn’t one of those shops that anyone plans on visiting. Instead, we find ourselves searching the mall before falling through the doors and getting sucked into all the latest trends on offer. How did we end up here? And why do we need everything on the shelves?! Fear not; now we have even more reasons to browse what’s on offer thanks to the best new summer makeup at Sephora.

Tinted lip balm

Yup, you read that correctly. Lip balm is great for keeping those kissers soft and crack-free throughout the year, and this is even more important during the summer months. However, how do you decide between keeping yourself fresh or matching your lipstick to your outfit? That might be a problem of the past thanks to the lip balm on offer at Sephora. Now, you can combine the two. The best bit? They come in so many different colors – we think we’re in makeup heaven.

Setting powder

As makeup trends continue to grow, so does the incredible list of things that help our makeup looking expert all day every day. Setting powder can be tinted to match the color of your skin, or be translucent – meaning it can be used on any skin tone. Not only does setting powder help eliminate pores, but it also helps blur any fine lines making you look ready to dominate the world at all times. Plus, Sephora has a vast range of powders on offer to suit any makeup user.

Bronzing water

Have you found yourself sitting at your desk looking out the window at the sunshine just wishing the hours to pass so you can be soaking up the rays? So it’s not just us? That’s great. However, by the time the working day is done, it can be hard to take full advantage of tanning time. Instead, Sephora now offers bronzing water. This magical addition gives you that bronze look that will freshen up any look, but without the worry of fake tan transferring onto your summer fresh white outfit. No, the liquid is clear. Wowza – who would have thought such a thing would exist?

Liquid lipstick

Lipstick is so last week. Now, it’s all about the liquid lipstick. These magical makeup additions give you the same bold colors we have all grown to know and love without the worry of drying out your lips or cracking throughout the heat of the summer days. They come in a range of shades and prices to suit any need, and Sephora even has a metallic range that will add that razzle-dazzle you might be searching for on the long, summer days.

Single eyeshadows

Perhaps you want to glam up your summer makeup without forking out on a whole new eyeshadow palette? Sure, they give you plenty of options, but can often cost a fortune. And let’s face it, we only ever stick to the same few shades. Rather than wasting precious makeup space and money, Sephora has plenty of single eyeshadows that mean you get more of your new color as well as not buying unnecessary palettes. Now, you can create your very own unique color shades.

Buying the best new summer makeup doesn’t mean you have to clear out your entire collection and start from scratch. Instead, you can add in these simple pieces to make your look pop from sunrise to sunset. With all those longer days and pool parties, you’ll be ready for any occasion thanks to Sephora.