Best sneakers for each type of workout

So you’re thinking about exercising? Great! Having the motivation to do something is an excellent first step. Do you know what you’re going to wear though? Obviously, there’s not much in the way of regulations for what you can wear while exercising (unless you want to go for something completely impractical). However, certain clothes will be more beneficial to you depending on what sport you’re doing. We’re talking about sneakers in particular here. If you’re going to specialize in one specific exercise, you might want to check out what’s best to wear on your feet.


There’s a lot that goes into CrossFit. We’re talking weightlifting, rowing, running, jump rope… the list goes on. With so many different activities ahead of you, you’ll want to wear sneakers that are flat-soled and don’t have a great deal of cushioning. Too much of the latter can have a negative impact if you make a mistake while lifting weights. However, you need some cushioning, otherwise, all that jumping around is going to hurt your feet.


Boxing may seem like a sport where it’s what you do with your hands that’s most important, but how you use your feet is just as essential. You’ll need to have quick reactions, which means spending a lot of the match on your toes is the key to success. The essential things that boxing sneakers require are ankle support and padding around the toes. If your shoes are too flat, then you’re going to feel the pain when you step out of the ring. Basketball sneakers are sometimes a good choice for boxers because their lightweight design allows for quick and comfortable movement.

Interval training

If you’re someone that likes a bit of high-intensity interval training, you’ll want to wear sneakers that cater for your ankles. Having support around this part of your body is crucial because of the amount of work you’re putting your feet through. Flexible, lightweight shoes are ideal to give you the most control when you’re on the move and prevent you from causing an injury.


We’re not talking ballroom here, so lose the smart shoes. This is some intense, high-energy activity that’s going to have you working up a sweat before the music’s even kicked in. As dancing involves a great deal of motion around the room, you’ll want to wear sneakers that provide support for your joints. Look for shoes with cushioning around the heel and arch, because these areas need the best protection. Plus, having some bounce in your step is always ideal when it comes to dancing.

Best sneakers for each type of workout


Spin classes are one of the more popular exercises available at the gym, and it’s a great one to do if you want to maintain a high level of fitness. What should you wear if you’re going to attend one of these classes, though? Well, there are sneakers explicitly designed for spinning to ensure that your foot is always in the optimal position when pedaling. They’re clip-in shoes that connect to the bike so that your body stays angled perfectly with the bike.


When lifting weights is your go-to exercise at the gym, you’ll want shoes that are flat and tight. We already touched on this with CrossFit, but when you’re exclusively focusing your attention on weights, you don’t need to worry about having anything with cushioning. Wearing flat shoes helps you to stay more stable, which is essential when you’re lifting increasingly heavier weights. Sneakers with a slight elevation in the heel can also be beneficial because they help you to maintain your posture during the exercise.

You might think that doing the necessary stretches will prevent you from injuring yourself when exercising, but it’s important to wear the right gear too. If you don’t have on sneakers that are suited for your sport, you’re always at risk of a twisted ankle or worse.