The best workouts for every season of the year

If you’re a budding athlete, gym enthusiast, or just an occasional exerciser, you might find it difficult to get active in certain seasons. Winter might be way too cold to go for your early morning jog and summer might see you sweating before you’ve managed to do three sit-ups. So, if you can’t do your usual workout routine because of the weather, we’ve got some ideas for you.

Summer sessions

Yoga is a great way to workout in summer. Grab a yoga mat and start exercising in your backyard, a local park, or even on the beach. It’s as simple as that! If you’re really committed to exercising, you could go all the way and try some circuit training. While the thought of that might make you shudder, this is actually a perfect summer workout. Though circuit training is strenuous enough without the burning heat, you can actually burn a ton more calories and fat if you exercise in the heat, through sweating. Remember to stay hydrated and safe, though.

The best workouts for every season of the year

Winter workouts

Although you might believe winter is too cold to jog, that’s just not true. Okay, so, you’re going to feel like an ice cube on legs when you set out, granted, but give it a few minutes. Once your blood gets pumping, you’ll feel warmer than ever. So, in reality, you’re working out and saving on your heating bill – at least for a little while. If you’re not one for the outside in cold weather, however, there’s a whole hoard of activities you can get active with indoors. From squats to weight-lifting, make use of any equipment you have and get to work. Never underestimate the power of simple planks and leg raises, either.

Spring sports

Spring is a pretty good time of the year for any workout. Spring sees a mix of all weather, but less extreme, meaning you’re free to go for a run, head to a gym, go swimming, or play sports, depending on the day’s weather. If it’s raining out, spend a few hours in the gym; maybe even pay for a training class. If it’s warm, go swimming. Spring’s possibilities are endless, and you’re free to try a bit of everything. We also recommend giving outdoor circuit training a go in spring, especially if we aren’t selling the whole “sweating loses more weight” thing to you.

Fall fun

Fall is similar to spring regarding weather but often leans very slightly toward the cooler end of the spectrum. This makes fall perfect for playing sports like soccer and baseball, where you can be active and warm up, without completely overheating as you might in summer. Fall is the ideal season for any of the more demanding activities in your workout.

The best workouts for every season of the year

Regardless of your fitness levels or usual sport, there are bound to be a few workouts you could give a go in each respective season. If you’re struggling to find a way to exercise the way you usually do, why not give something new a try? You never know, you might find a new hobby!