How to choose a pet-friendly carpet

If you have a pet, you will understand just how important the right carpet it – unless of course, the pet in question is a reptile or a fish! Dander and loose fur get embedded into the shag of your lovely carpet, and your pooch or moggy’s sharp claws are going to rip into it too. How do you find the perfect carpet that will look great in your home and suit your family, but also without being an issue for your furry friends?

Look for something spot-resistant

An excited dog’s tail will always find a nice glass of red wine to knock over; it’s a fact of life! Whereas it’s usually unintentionally for dogs, everyone knows that cats like to push things over while staring you in the eyes, so as a pet owner, as with parents of children, you are going to end up with stains on your carpet. Choose a natural spot-resistant carpet such as wool, as this will allow you to quickly clean up the offending liquid before it soaks in and stains forever. For a cheaper alternative, nylon is also great for cleaning up spillages.

Say no to loop pile

Look for a cut-pile carpet to avoid your pet’s nails getting caught in the loops and creating tears. This will be uncomfortable for them and make your carpet start to look shabby very quickly, so for the sake of a long-lasting carpet, it is much better to think of this before you buy.

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White carpets are not a great idea

Although light-colored carpets may look stunning in a room, the effect is somewhat ruined when it is covered in muddy paw prints! Add to this the fact that you will be able to see your black cat’s fur very easily on a white carpet, and the whole idea of it suddenly seems like a bad idea! At least try to consider the color of your pets before purchasing a carpet.

Prepare for damage

If you have a particularly clumsy dog or vindictive cat, you are not going to be able to avoid mess, so it’s best to plan for it. Carpet tiles are a great solution as you can simply replace any that get damaged, without having to pay out for a whole new carpet. If you are set on a full-sized carpet, cheaper is not always better. Sometimes it pays to spend a little more upfront for a carpet that is going to withstand your pet’s every-day adventures and not need replacing quite so often.

Consider allergies

If your animals (or you, for that matter) have any allergies, make sure you think of this before you shell out for a whole new carpet that they will end up hating. Some carpets offer a Green Label Plus Certification so that you know it is recommended and safe for your pets.

When you are an animal owner, you can’t be precious about things. Although sometimes it can drive you crazy how they seem to break everything and make a mess, your love for them will always outweigh their mischievous acts! To avoid any extra stresses, consider your pet before you buy a new carpet, and find a happy compromise between your home decor and your furry friends.

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