Why having cousins you’re close to is truly the greatest gift

When you think about your family, you probably think of your brother, your sister, or even your parents – because they’re great, right? Yup, you have to love them and all those gushy things (ew, emotions), but you often forget about the other people in your life who also play a big role and help make you the person you are today. Of course, we’re talking about your cousins! If you’re lucky, you live just around the corner from your cousins, and you spend every waking moment with each other, but you might take their love and their weirdness (because they are super weird) for granted. This is why having cousins you’re close to is truly the greatest gift…

Ohana means family

We all know that Ohana means family (cheers, Lilo & Stitch), and your cousins are some of the closest family members you’ll find – and you might even be close in age. Yet, the fact that you are family means that you can be completely open with each other. You can gossip about the family secrets, you can share knee-slapping stories of your childhood, and you can just have a moan about your aunt Beryl who always tries to kiss you on the lips.

They’re there for you, y’all

Because you and your cousin are family, there’s an unspoken contract between the two of you that ensures that you both stick up for each other in times of trouble. They’re your support system, they’re your confidante, and they’re your shoulder to cry on if you’re dumped (again). They’re always there for you, y’all.

Family events aren’t so boring

There’s nothing worse than a boring ol’ family event, right? You’re forced to make conversation with people you didn’t know were still alive, you have to eat your grandma’s disgusting potato salad, and you have to sit in a corner and pretend you don’t exist – or do you? If you have a cousin, you can always guarantee that you’ll have fun during a family event.

She will always speak the truth

The one thing about your normal friends is that they always want to make you feel good, and don’t want you ever to feel bad about yourself, which is totally great… but that’s not always what you want. Sometimes you just need someone to tell it as it is and speak the truth about your outfit, your new hairstyle, or the text that you want to send to your crush. If you want this honesty, it’s best to ask your cousin, because she will not be afraid to shut you down if necessary.

You get the best hand-me-downs

Yep, having a cousin, that’s the same age and size of you basically means that you have a second closet for the rest of your life. If you need a dress for a hot date, you can take a trip over to your cousins and steal it for the day – and in the process, you can take back the six shirts of yours that you found hiding in the back of her closet.

You share the same values

Well, most of the time. Because you have been brought up in the same family, there’s a high chance that you and your cousin share the same values about life and the human race. You can chat about it, you can debate about it, and you can also live in the glory that you and your cousin have a mutual understanding of the world. That’s pretty darn great.

If you have a cousin, you might not have realized how gosh darn amazing they are. Well, now you know!