Habits that you need to discard for a better life

We all have goals that we are working towards, and some of those probably have to do with learning new skills or improving those we already have. These can be some of the hardest goals to accomplish, simply because we are so busy in our daily lives and it is often hard to motivate ourselves to train as hard as we want.

Stop putting off extra training

It’s always easy to make excuses, but if you truly want to get better at anything, you have to work at it. I’s all too easy to put off learning a new skill or developing existing ones by convincing ourselves that we are too busy, because we have so many daily tasks to accomplish.. However, if you really want to improve, or open doors in your career, you have to put the work in. Start that training course that you keep promising yourself, you’ll get to when you’re less busy – you’ll never be less busy, just make time.

Stop putting off extra training

Stop procrastinating

This should be no surprise that this is on the list. We live in a world where information is at our fingertips 24/7, and that’s not always a good thing. How many times have you wasted away 15 minutes without realizing just scrolling down Instagram? It’s so easy to do, and yet when you are wasting time like this, you are diminishing your potential. Be aware of what it is you’re doing a find a way to stay focussed and on task.

Stop multitasking

This ties in pretty well with stopping procrastinating. You do your best work when you are 100% focused on one thing at a time, so stop thinking you’re making things more efficient by multitasking. Unless you are, for example, writing while you wait for your food to be done cooking (as I am right now), then you will be splitting your brain power in two, and both of the tasks will suffer.

Stop having meetings for meeting’s sake

We all do this at work. We have meetings scheduled because we feel like we should, but at the end of it, nothing has really been decided on or established. If it can be an email or a phone call, do that instead as it takes up a whole lot less time that could be spent on actually doing things. If you do need to have a meeting, set an agenda and keep to a specified time frame. Make sure everyone comes out of the meeting knowing what they have to do next to move the project forward.

Stop having meetings for meeting’s sake

Stop with the self-doubt

One of the biggest things that is likely to hold you back from success is your own mind. If you compare yourself to others around you, you will always feel inferior and this, in turn, will ruin your self-confidence. With low self-esteem, it is easy to get complacent and not want to push yourself to achieve, so you will end up stagnating which will end up making you unhappy in the long run and create a cycle of failure.