What happens to your body when you cuddle

Is there anything better than a good cuddle when you’re feeling down? Whether it’s with a partner, a best friend or even a beloved pet, there is a lot to be said for a good cuddle. Here are some of the benefits of cuddling that your body will enjoy.

You feel happier

This is a pretty obvious one, of course, you’re going to feel happier when you have a cuddle, but do you know the science behind it? Oxytocin is an important chemical in your brain that is released during certain events and makes you feel great/ When you cuddle, your brain floods with oxytocin and the results of this can last a while!

You boost your immune system

It has been proven through multiple studies that hugs can help boost your immune system and help you battle illness, and even prevent you getting ill in the first place. The more hugs, the more protected you are, so instead of reaching for the cough medicine, reach for a cuddle instead.

What happens to your body when you cuddle

Your anxiety decreases

Touch is an important and proven way to reduce anxiety. A study was done in which 16 women were told they would be given an electric shock while holding either an anonymous man’s hand, their own partner’s hand or no one’s hand at all. The results showed that those who were holding hands with their own partners were less stressed, and the stronger the relationship, the less stress was experienced. Now imagine that with a full body hug!

You get a libido increase

Another chemical that is released when you snuggle is dopamine, which is one that is linked to increased libido. Add that to the oxytocin, and you are likely to feel pretty darn good, and that’s before you even start!

Cuddling decreases blood pressure

High blood pressure can cause a lot of negative health issues, and those with hypertension are given medication and told to do follow specific diet and exercises. However, alongside these methods, they should make sure they are getting plenty of cuddles too. There is a link between reduced blood pressure and cuddles, especially in women.

What happens to your body when you cuddle

Your pain is relieved

There is a reason that your mom’s hugs helped your booboos feel better, and it’s not just maternal love, it’s science! Although it is not going to heal any injuries entirely, it can reduce the pain through the release of our old friend, Oxytocin.

Experts (yep, there are cuddling experts!) recommend trying to get in around eight hugs a day! Studies have even shown that hugging your pets can also have the same positive health benefits too, so don’t feel as though they all need to be with your human friends – furry pals are perfect cuddle buddies too!