Great insider tips on how to avoid travel exhaustion

There is a downside to everything, even traveling. Crossing time zones and having to battle with jet lag while you try to enjoy your vacation, as well as dealing with the opposite when you get back home, can make things pretty tricky. Here are some tips from airplane crew members on how they avoid travel exhaustion.

Eat healthily and frequently

As much as you might want to give yourself a sugar rush to keep you going with candy, that is not the best idea. Look for something with protein to give you energy without the crash. A lot of flight attendants will pack a protein shake to keep their energy up.

Stay hydrated

It is important to drink a lot of water while you are on an airplane. Even if you want to enjoy a stronger beverage or two, try to alternate each tipple with a glass of water. Keeping hydrated will help ease that horrible groggy feeling that you often get when you step off a plane in a new time zone. Carry a reusable bottle with you, in order to keep it on hand at all times, but remember that it must be totally empty when you go through security.

Get those vitamins

There is nothing worse than being ill while traveling or on vacation. You are far away from home, and likely have fun/important/exciting things to do. Stave off illness as much as possible by taking plenty of vitamins to keep your immune system in tip-top position. Try to avoid the air conditioning in hotels as these can spread germs, and make sure you use antibacterial hand gel regularly.

Embrace the new time zone

When you are changing time zones, you can lose a lot of valuable time to jet lag. The best way to tackle this is to embrace is as soon as possible. Set all your devices to your new time zone as soon as you are on the plane and avoid thinking about what time it would be back home. Try to stay awake during the day, and eat your meals on this new timezone schedule. That way you will find it easier to get into the swing of things and avoid the jet lag feeling.

Drink caffeine strategically

It is important to try not to rely on coffee too much for an energy boost, but if you are in need of a little pick-me-up to keep from napping and messing up your new time zone schedule then make sure you time it well.

Be grateful

Sure, feeling exhausted while you are traveling isn’t the nicest sensation, but in some way, it is part of the whole experience. Remember that you only have a limited number of days to enjoy your destination, so make time to be present and deal with the fatigue later. You are lucky to be able to travel and have adventures, so make the most of them and when you feel grateful inside, your body will have a new lease of energy. Either way, you’ll be able to sleep eventually!

If you follow all of these tips, hopefully, you will manage to avoid the travel exhaustion and be able to fit everything you want to do, into your trip.