Living in a small apartment doesn’t cramp your style, but the struggle is also real

Let’s be honest; adulting is one of the hardest things we’ve ever had to do. Why did nobody warn us?! Okay, lots of people actually warned us for decades but we chose to ignore them – and rightly so because adulting sucks. Unlike in movies when the beautiful female lead floated out of college and found the most incredible and spacious apartment in New York to fulfil her dreams of being a journalist (yuh-huh, never gonna happen), real-life adulting involves a whole host of debt, apartments that are way to expensive for your budget, and tiny studio apartments that allow you to sleep, eat, and wash in the same room. Neat. Here’s what you will know if living in a small apartment doesn’t cramp your style, but the struggle is also real…

You have a system for EVERYTHING

Living in a small apartment means that you can’t be messy. It’s basically the law. If you’re messy, you will never see your favorite shirt again, because it will be forever buried underneath a pile of clothes that have no home. Instead, you probably have a system for everything. You know exactly where all of your kitchenware is, you know exactly where the bottle opener is, and you know where that pink shirt is. Without this system in place, everything just falls apart.

You have to have a disclaimer

One of the greatest things about living alone is that you get the chance to do whatever the heck you want (woo hoo, part-ay!) – and you absolutely love inviting friends over for cheese and wine night, and Netflix marathons. However, if you live in a small apartment, you have to have a disclaimer ready for when friends come over. Although you’re not ashamed of your apartment, Twister might not be on the cards…

You’ll still lose something every day

Although you have a system for everything and have such a small apartment you would think it would be impossible to lose anything; you still manage to lose something every day. However, the greatest thing about this is that this doesn’t just apply to those who live in small apartments because losing things is just a huge part of adulthood. You lose your money, you lose your looks, and you lose your dignity. It’s just how adulthood rolls.

Your furniture is like a Transformer

Because you have so little space in your small apartment, you probably don’t have a lot of furniture – and that’s totally okay because that means more wonga in your pocket! Things get even better when you realize that the furniture you do have is like a Transformer. Sure, your bed might be the thing you sleep in at 10 pm when you’re tired from being an adult, but your bed can also double up as your couch. If your apartment is really, really small, it might even become your dining table, too! Just watch out for the stains.

Wall space is the greatest thing in the world

Even though you might not have a lot of floor space in your small apartment, you probably have some pretty bare walls. So why the heck are they bare?! Walls are the greatest thing in the world when you live in a small apartment because you can literally put anything on there, including bookshelves, jewelry holders, hat holders and more. The walls are your oyster.

Living in a small apartment doesn’t have to be the worst thing in the world – although you think it might sometimes be. Instead, you make use of what you’ve got and deal with the style, and the struggle of these little havens.