How to make your hair look fuller

Regardless of whether you were born with thin hair or lost volume over the course of time, achieving thick luscious locks is every woman’s dream come true. While it might be quite frustrating to struggle with your flat, limp hair every day, with a little extra effort you can bring about a conspicuous change in your hair density. We have rounded up a list of simple yet effective beauty remedies that will make your hair look fuller.

Get the right haircut

One of the best ways of creating an illusion of more voluminous hair is getting yourself a layered haircut. A professional stylist can be of great help in determining the areas on your scalp that are most sparse and need correction. By cutting your hair at different lengths, you can add more depth to your hair and achieve an interesting dimension with lots of volume and density. Avoid hairstyles that require you to wear your locks in a one-sided part. Also, try opting for shorter hairstyles as they prevent your hair from thinning out at the tips.

How to make your hair look fuller

Use volumizing hair products

Apply generous amounts of quality volumizing beauty products such as a lightweight mousse or a spray on damp hair. Start from the roots to provide an adequate level of hold and lift to the hair shaft. Work your way through the hair strands down to the tips to create bulk and density. Finish off with a good blow dry to instantly add volume to your fine, flat hair. Also, use your fingers instead of a comb to blow dry for maximizing the thickness of your hair.

Get a smart color job

Your single natural color can end up making your hair look flat and boring. For decades now, coloring has been the number one option of stylists and hair experts for achieving greater depth and volume in thinning hair. The lighter your hair, the thinner it appears. As such, it is a good idea to dye your hair in a color with highlights that are two to three shades darker than your natural color. You can experiment with a range of revolutionary hair color styles such as the micro balayage or baby lights to add depth underneath the surface of your hair-cut and create an illusion of a denser, thicker mane.

How to make your hair look fuller

Tease your hair

Your quintessential life hack to add instant volume to any hairstyle is teasing small sections of your hair and holding them in place with the help of a hairspray. The trick is to hold a small section of hair in your palm and backcomb gently from tip to root. A good hairspray will help keep the tease intact and prevent the strands from falling in. You can tease as much or as little of your hair as you like and then smooth out the top layer to hide what’s going on underneath. Just make sure not to overdo this tease, as it might end up tangling your hair beyond repair. Also, employ gentle strokes when detangling teased hair to avoid tugging at the roots and causing breakage.