How to make the most out of a rainy day

It always seems to be the case that when we have a free day, to enjoy at your leisure, that the weather decides to be horrific, scuppering any outdoor plans you may have had. So sure, you could spend a rainy day sat inside on your own, watching Netflix, or you could really make the most your rainy day. Here are some ideas!

Head to a comedy club

Although watching comedians on TV is pretty great, there is nothing quite like the atmosphere at a real comedy club. Local comedy shows are pretty cheap, and you are likely to discover some real hidden gems. In fact, even the not-so-funny comedians will be something fun to experience! You won’t even know that it’s raining outside.

Host a game tournament

Grab some snacks, some games, and some pals and have a games day! Whether you want to do some old school board games or some more high tech video games, you could make it a full event by splitting into teams for the day and having an overall winning team by the end.

Do some baking

Nothing warms up a cold day than the smell of freshly baked cookies. It will make your home seem super cozy, and you will feel as though you’ve achieved something, without having to leave the house. The bonus is that you will have delicious snacks too!

Reorganise something

Okay, so this isn’t the most fun item on this list, but it is certainly making the most of a rainy day! Whether you sort out all your paperwork, your kitchen cupboards or the documents on your computer, use a rainy day to get things organized in your life!

Plan an adventure

There is something about the rain that makes us all want to head for warmer climates, so why not do it?! Make a travel bucket list, or actually get around to booking your family summer holiday. Whether it’s hypothetical, long or short haul, or just a day at the beach, dreaming of a trip is a great antidote to the rain.

Catch up on correspondence

When else are you going to get round to writing those thank you cards, or replying to grandma? Enjoy the vague romanticism that comes with sitting in a large armchair, handwriting letters while the rain pounds on the window.

Have a spa day

Whether you decide to brave the weather and head to a local spa, or just indulge in a DIY home spa with some of your favorite products, this is a lovely way to treat yourself. There is something about cleansing your body when the rain is cleansing the earth that feels pretty great.

So yes, you could spend the day binge-watching Stranger Things (again), or you could do something entirely different and have something to show for it. In fact, next time you have a rainy day, why not write a list of potential rainy day activities that you would like to do, and the next time you find it drizzling outside, you will have a ready-made list of things to do! You’ll be crossing your fingers for a monsoon!