Natural ways to improve your vision

There are certain things we humans take for granted, and one of them is our ability to see the beautiful world around us. However, many of us forget to look after our eyes, and our eyesight suffers as a result. You may strain your eyes so much you need glasses, or you may begin to lose your eyesight later on in life. Because of this, it is important to take care of your eyes and keep them healthy – as this acts as a natural way to improve your vision.

Get enough sleep

Sleep is something we definitely took for granted when we were younger. In our busy and stressful adult lives, it can be hard to shut off and have the required eight hours sleep per night. Most of us think sleep aids concentration and bodily functions, and while this is true, it isn’t the whole story. Getting enough sleep can also drastically improve your eye health. Tired and fatigued eyes will often weaken your sight, and result in uncomfortable twitching and dry eyes. A good night’s sleep will provide your eyes with enough lubrication to get them working as best they can, and fight off the uncomfortable side effects. So take a nap, gosh darn it.

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Natural ways to improve your vision

Eat foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals

When you were younger, your mom probably told you that eating carrots will make you see in the dark. Of course, as a kid, you totally believed her – but as you got older, you began to realize it was one of those tricks adults use to make you eat vegetables *scowls* However, this old wives’ tale actually has some truth in it. Although we can’t guarantee carrots will specifically make you see in the dark, the vitamins and minerals in fruits, vegetables, fish and eggs will help towards an improved vision and healthy eyesight. In fact, a study by the Harvard Medical School has found that antioxidants can fight bacteria in the eye, and prevents inflammation and infections. Bonus!

Try some eye exercises

Normally, we associate exercising with our legs hurting, sweating, and looking really unattractive in the gym. Nevertheless, you can also exercise your eyes – and these exercises will help you naturally improve your vision and your eye health. There are many exercises you can undertake to do this. One of the most popular, and most beneficial exercises is palming. This is where you cup your hand to your eye and press down on it (without hurting yourself) for 10 seconds. This will enable your eyes to relax and lubricate themselves before opening them again. Another popular exercise is to continuously blink your eyes for 10 seconds after you have been concentrating or straining your eyes on a computer screen or a television. This will flex the eyeballs and stimulate movement. The best part? You don’t even get sweaty…

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Natural ways to improve your vision

Massage your eyes

Along with your eye exercises, it’s also important to massage your eyes to ensure they remain relaxed, lubricated and strong as the years go by. If you massage the side of your eyes and your eyelids, you will stimulate the blood flow to this area. As the eye is a muscle, it relies on a frequent blood flow and stimulation to grow and maintain its strength. Massaging your eyes will also aid in the draining of toxins that could result in built-up tension.

Although you can benefit from all of these natural ways to improve your vision, it is also important to ensure you attend regular eye checkups with your optometrist to ensure maximum eye health.