How often should you wash your hair according to experts

Since the dawn of time, men and women have always paid attention great deal to their hair. Over the course of history, many cultures viewed it in different aspects. hair was considered as a source of power, a status in society or simply a thing of beauty.  We do a lot of things to keep our hair healthy. Some of you may be following a regular hair oiling and moisturizing regimen, but when it comes to shampooing your hair, there is often a lot of confusion amongst people.

You may have heard the rumor that shampooing less keeps your hair in a good state. In reality, however, there is no one answer to how often should you wash your hair. Personal preference apart, factors such as hairstyle, hair texture, and condition of the scalp cannot be ruled out while determining the frequency of shampooing.

How often should you wash your hair according to experts

The shampooing regimen you should follow

No matter what, there is one practice that experts urge people to shun—shampooing every day. Our scalp secretes oils that go all the way down to the hair shaft, keeping moisture in the hair intact. Shampooing every day washes away these oils and causes your hair to dry up quickly. One of the common reasons for hair breakage and fizziness is dryness. So, how many times should you wash your hair? You should maybe take a closer look at your lifestyle and hair texture before determining this. Following are a few quick tips that would help you to decide better:

Curly hair: Once a week is more than enough

Every man or woman with curly hair knows how hard it is to maintain it. All of them have been bothered himself with that question – how often should you wash your hair. The raised cuticle in curly hair causes moisture to slip out easily. People with curly hair should shampoo only when their hair is actually dirty, and not just oily. They should always use a moisturizing shampoo to lock moisture in their hair.

How often should you wash your hair according to experts

Wavy and straight hair: Twice or three times a week is enough

Wavy and straight hair vary in the level of oiliness. People with such hair should try not to weigh it down and wash off natural oils by over-cleansing the scalp. If, however, you work out a lot, you can use a foamless cleanser to remove sweat without sapping out the natural oils. Before you start a hair care regimen, you should ensure that you are using the right kind of products. When it comes to shampoos, you have to pay particular attention to your hair type, because different shampoos cater to different hair care needs.

Make sure you use a sulfate-free, extra-mild shampoo having no conditioning elements for washing oily hair. You should use a similar shampoo for washing normal hair, but make sure it has some moisturizing ingredients such as sodium PCA and glycerine.

So after all, how often should you wash your hair according to experts? We hope we answered your question.