How to plan a first class vacation without breaking the bank

If you’re the kind of person that tries to live like a rich person on a not-so-rich person’s budget, we don’t blame you. After all, why aren’t we allowed the chance to live like celebrities for a week or so? We spend our lives busting our chops to pay our rent, put food on the table, and to keep our lives afloat, so it’s about time we made sure something else stays afloat… preferably an all-inclusive around-the-world cruise that will pamper us until we are so relaxed we fall asleep for six months. Yet, if a cruise isn’t your thing, you might want to just know how to plan a first class vacation without breaking the bank…

Look for an exchange rate that works in your favor

If you really don’t mind where you go on vacation as long as it has a beach and cocktails on tap, the easiest way to decide where you’re going to book your flights is to check out exchange rates. Because you will be taking a large amount of currency on vacation with you, you want to make sure you get more for your money – rather than less! So, get online and check out all of the updated currencies around the world, and see which destinations are weak in comparison to the United States dollar. The more you can get for your money, the more you are saving.

Go rogue and book in Incognito Mode

Although the internet is one of the most genius inventions on the planet (god bless the internet) it is quite sneaky. Because your internet usage is tracked on a regular browser, the more you look at a particular holiday, website, or destination, the more the price will increase – because they know you are interested and would be willing to pay more to make that sandy beach a reality. To stop this from happening, it’s best to book in Incognito mode. This effectively makes you disappear from these tracking devices, and the prices shouldn’t increase.

Get in contact with the actual hotel

Nowadays, it’s so easy to go on a website and book your flights and your hotel as a package deal. There’s no hassle, there’s no varying payments, and it’s one company to complain to if things go wrong. So it must be the best idea, right? Wrong! Third party websites often hike up the price of flights and hotels so that they get a chunk of the profits. To see whether you are being faced with extra costs, it’s best to go straight to the horse’s mouth and get into direct contact with the actual hotel. See if their prices are cheaper, and book directly through them if they are!

Be spontaneous and book last minute

If you’re not the kind of person who likes to be spontaneous and leave things to the last minute, you’ll hate this one. However, if you love saving money and living the high life on a budget, you might be persuaded. This is because hotels and airlines want their flights and their rooms full every single day of every week. It doesn’t work in their favor to have empty seats or empty rooms as they are just losing money, so they often offer customers the chance to snap up last minute deals for slashed prices. While you may have to pack your bags overnight and leave in the morning, it’s worth it for the money you save.

Are you looking to travel in style without paying the cost for a luxury vacation? It doesn’t have to be as difficult as it may seem. Instead, follow these tips and plan a first-class vacation without breaking the bank!