Questions you should ask before traveling with a friend

Sometimes life hits you hard and you decide that a getaway with a friend (or a whole group!) is just the thing to set you right. It could be a road trip, a big vacation abroad or maybe some time out in the country. But the reality of these trips is that they aren’t always the carefree and easy activity you imagine, and things can get complicated pretty fast. There are a million and one things that could become the source of an argument – unknown habits, the stress of planning or just simple travel tiredness. So here are a few things to consider before you hit the road with your friends.

What kind of trip do you want?

Even though you’re all off to the same place, chances are you might be after different things when you get there. Do you just want to lay out by the pool or are planning on getting in every last bit of culture? Before you head off, get together and start planning out what kind of things you’re hoping to do while you’re away. Even if it’s just a simple, bare-bones plan, it will help you know what to expect and reduce having to make on the spot decisions and compromises.


People often say friends shouldn’t talk about money, but when traveling it’s sometimes unavoidable. When you all have a different budget in mind for your trip, it can become a bit of an issue, so it is important to come to an agreement about how much you are planning to spend on activities, food, and accommodation. It can often be a good idea to have a sort of group fund for things like food and gas money, so it’s all fairly spread and will cut out time splitting the bill.

Who’s planning?

Groups of friends often have a mother hen, the one who gets everything planned out, but planning for a trip is much bigger than booking the cabs on a night out. Make sure that person doesn’t get overwhelmed with everything that needs doing. Also ensure you all make it clear what you want to do and help to suggest the best ways of doing it. Even something as simple as researching the public transport systems can be really helpful. Be sure to pull your weight and help everyone have a good time.

Alone time

Even though they are your best friends and you love to be around them, being attached at the hip 24/7 is sure to lead to some issues. Make sure you set aside a little time for people just to be alone if they want to be – even if it’s a little sightseeing walk or some time to read a book alone. You’ll appreciate a moment to yourself and your friends, even more when you’re all back together again.


Even with your best friend who you absolutely love, there are going to be moments where tempers might get a little frayed, and small problems can get a lot bigger when you’re in a strange environment far from home. Think about how the people you’re traveling with like to resolve their issues – are they are the type of person to kiss and make up or do they hold on to problems for days? If it’s the latter, consider if they are the right person you should be making trips with.

So before you jump into planning your next trip, consider these five points to make sure you and your friends have the best trip possible. And remember, not everything is going to be swell the whole time, so be prepared for a bit of fallout and ensure you know how to resolve it.