Signs that your relationship can last a lifetime

Relationships can be tough cookies to crack. How do you know that you’re with the right person? Is the relationship set to last a lifetime? Well, some telltale signs could be about to let you know if you’ve found the one.

Prioritizing time

Long-term relationships don’t happen overnight. No, they take work, commitment, and a lengthy stay as you realize you’re in for the long haul. One way to tell if you have found someone that is willing to take your relationship to the next level is looking at how much you both prioritize your time together. If you’re ready to sacrifice other parts of your life to spend time together, then chances are it’s looking good for you both!

Still learning

Even when you have been with someone for years, there are so many aspects to the world that there are always opportunities to learn about your partner’s thoughts and feelings towards everything around you. If your relationship is built to last, then the chances are you’ll always be looking to learn about your lover. Plus, they will often ask questions about your life and ideas. Curiosity may have ended the cat, but it will help build your relationship!

Signs that your relationship can last a lifetime

Build each other up

If you like it or not, people will change as time goes on. But that doesn’t always mean for the worse! Showing that your relationship is meant to last means you will be there to support your partner as they develop, and they’ll be right by your side doing the same for you. However, this also means giving each other space when it’s needed if either need time to grow on their own.

Criticism can be ok

Not many people would appreciate hearing that they’re doing everything wrong every day. However, sometimes we don’t realize that certain things are annoying or harming us until someone points it out. If your partner points out a habit or you have had to confront them, the chances are it’s because you’re in it for the long run. This is because someone is trying to help you grow and develop, not bring each other down.

Pleases and thank yous

Manners are a key aspect of everyday life and are even more important when it comes to being with your partner. Although it may seem insignificant to some, saying “please” and “thank you” can have a major impact on how your partner feels towards you. It is shown that people feel more love towards their polite lovers. Plus, being respectful to one another could help to prevent a falling out further on down the line.

Signs that your relationship can last a lifetime

Nights out

It can be hard to find time to spend together. When in a long-term relationship it’s easy to become comfortable and forget that you need to find personal time. However, if you both put aside evenings for a date night, then it’s looking good! It’s an even better sign if your partner turns off their cell – that means all attention is on you!

While finding the perfect partner may sometimes seem impossible, it looks as though it may soon not be so difficult to see whether you have found someone that is willing to go all the way. A few simple signs and you could soon find out if you’ve found yourself a keeper.