Signs it’s too soon to move in together

Ahhhh, is there anything more magical than being in love? You’ve found someone who loves video games as much as you, you’ve found someone who laughs at your amazing (okay, pretty darn awful) jokes, you’ve found someone who will happily stay in and eat ice cream instead of going out on the town, and you’ve found someone who genuinely makes you feel like the luckiest person in the world. You know that you’re perfect for each other and you want to take the next step. For most couples, moving in is the step-up from their blossoming relationship – but how do you know if it’s too soon to move in together?

You have yet to have an argument

While you may look at celebrity couples and think that they are #RelationshipGoals, you don’t actually see what goes on behind closed doors. While they might not argue about who left the milk out on the kitchen counter, they might argue about who left the Caviar out on the side – which is basically the same thing. So, you want to hear the real deal? Couples argue. If you have yet to argue with your significant other, it may seem like you’re not ready to move in together as you may still be in the ‘honeymoon period.’ Arguments will always test the character and strength of a person, and will also test your relationship.

Signs it’s too soon to move in together

You’re using it to test the strength of your relationship

Yep, there really are some people who will using moving in together as an excuse to see whether their significant other really is ‘the one’ or not. Moving in together should never be taken lightly. You need to ensure that you are both 100% committed to the relationship and both think that moving in together is the best way to solidify your love even further. In fact, you should both be at the point where you don’t even have to question whether moving in together is the next step! It should be natural.

You haven’t spoken about your financial situation

Unfortunately, renting or buying an apartment or house isn’t free – although we kinda wish it was! This means that you have to be financially stable enough to afford the rent or the mortgage on a place before you move in. Yet, with two of you involved, renting should be easier. After all, you’re splitting the cost between two! However, if you haven’t spoken about your financial situation with your significant other, paying for the rent and working out the costs of moving in will never work. If you have debts, you need to lay it all out on the table.

You think it will fix your relationship

Moving into a new house is statistically one of the most stressful experiences in modern-day life – even if you are moving in with the love of your life. So, if you are moving in with your significant other because you will fix the fact that you have been arguing lately, or that the other person has been distant, you really shouldn’t be considering moving in together. Troubled relationships will often break down even further when contained within one house or apartment, and should not be used as a band-aid.

Signs it’s too soon to move in together

You feel pressured

As previously stated, moving in with your significant other should be something that seems so natural to each other that you can’t believe you haven’t already done it. Yet, there are instances where one person is more into it than the other – and will pressure the other person. You should never feel pressured into making a huge life decision, and it should only be a mutual decision.

Are you unsure whether it’s too soon to move in with your partner? Hopefully, these signs will help you make your decision.