Small-kitchen hacks that will save you space

Many of us dream of living in a mansion, with plenty of space for all of the things we love to fill our homes with. With the kitchen being one of the focal points of any house, there are plenty of us who dream of having a giant kitchen – complete with breakfast bar and at least three refrigerators. However, the reality is that many people around the world have to live with smaller kitchens. Amazing things can come in small packages, though! These small-kitchen hacks will save you a ton of space, so you can kinda pretend you live in a mansion.

Small-kitchen hacks that will save you space

Insides of cabinets

Have you ever considered how much space is wasted on the insides of cabinets? Sure, you can fill the shelves with stuff, but what about the doors? There are plenty of different ways you can spruce up your cabinet doors and turn them into extra storage space. You could use a corkboard or magnetic board to hang things up. Alternatively, attach some hooks, and you could hang up pots, pans, or even cups. This is a genius idea that will give you plenty more cabinet space.

Use all the wall

It’s not always possible to put a ton of cabinets in a small kitchen, but that doesn’t mean you have to make do without any storage space. Shelves are a much easier way of cramming in some more storage, without having to go all out with cabinets. You can get a whole range of shelves, in all different shapes and sizes so that you can make use of all the wall space – even if it’s tiny or an odd shape. You can also attach hooks at the bottom of shelves, for some more hanging space. Hooks are the key for small kitchens!

Go magnet mad

Most kitchens have quite a bit of metal in them – we’re looking at you, refrigerator. Instead of filling that space with souvenirs from your latest vacation, make use of the space instead. You can buy little magnets to stick onto things like your spice jars, meaning you can then attach your spice jars to the refrigerator door. Plus, it looks super cute. You can also use magnets to hang your knives up on a magnetic knife rack or stick a magnetic strip on the side or bottom of cupboards for more storage space. The opportunities are endless with magnets, so it’s definitely time to invest.

Small-kitchen hacks that will save you space

Wall or window bar table

Okay, so this isn’t an essential for every kitchen, but it’s too amazing for us not to include it. While the idea of a breakfast bar may seem like a million miles away in a small kitchen, that isn’t necessarily the case. If you don’t have enough room for an island, then you can make your own little cafe corner instead. You can build a bar table from a piece of wood and some brackets, that can then be attached to a wall or, if you’ve got a great view, to a window. Add some stools that slide underneath, et voila! Who needs a huge dining table anyway?!

These handy small-kitchen hacks won’t just save you space, they’ll look awesome too. Your friends will be begging you for all your tips and tricks, to get their kitchen looking just as good.