Spending a snow day with your sister will never get old & here’s why

When we are children, snow days are magical! Looking out onto a blanket of fresh white snow that is yet to be trodden on, perfect for making snowmen, or sledding down, and the promise of a day off school. As we grow up, however, the snow becomes more of an inconvenience, stopping us from getting to work on public transport and making the pathways slippery. Next time you end up having to miss work or college due to a snow day, why not spend it with your sister, like you used to, and really enjoy it!

Share some snacks

There is something about the snow outside that makes snacks seem extra delicious! Raid your respective hiding places and share your favorites with your number one girl, while the snow falls outside. She also knows just which wine you like, and how you take your coffee, so you don’t have to worry about her getting it wrong – although that’s not to say that she won’t just refuse to make you one!

Comfy clothes

You don’t need to dress up in front of your sister, she’s seen you at your worst! Embrace it and get on your comfiest, snuggliest, baggiest clothes that you wouldn’t normally be seen dead in and feel great about it because your sister will be rocking the same look too!

Personal entertainment

Your sister is hilarious and you have a lifetime’s worth of in-jokes and memories to chat about on a snow day. Your stomach will hurt from laughing so hard! After a few hours, the delirium will probably have set in, and this is when you will crack out old cheer routines or pop on some 90s jams and get your groove on. So much fun!

Netflix and actually chill!

You don’t have to make polite conversations with your sister between episodes. You can just slob around and watch endless episodes without worrying about being rude. Sure, take a nap, play on your phone, give it your full attention, whatever, your sister doesn’t care!

Play hairdressers

It was one of your favorite games when you were children and be honest, the soothing act of braiding your sister’s hair is still pretty great. Why not go the whole hog and have a full pamper day with your sis, taking it in turns to do each others’ hair, facials, and manicures. It’s a lovely relaxing way to spend a snowy day, and you’ll feel so amazing afterward.

Get that gossip

No one else knows all the gossip but your sister. You both know so many of the same people, and of course, you both love to spill the tea on the latest family drama. A snow day is the perfect time to catch up about Uncle Tom’s latest wife and the feud between your cousins.

So next time there is a snow day, share it with your sister and really cement your relationship. Enjoy all the stuff you took for granted as kids and that special relationship that only sisters have. By the time the snow melts, you’ll be willing it to snow again!