Too sunny? Make your own beach shelter

Let’s face it; we love a good beach trip, but it can be hard to handle all that sun, right? Although the beach is great, unless you are greeted to your own personal fanner to keep you cool then chances are you might find yourself burning up. No longer does that have to be a worry. Why not make your own beach shelter? They’re not as tough as you might think.

The nature-inspired look

Perhaps you have gone to the beach to become one with nature? While you might not be skipping off into the forest anytime soon, that doesn’t mean you have to conform to “the man” when it comes to this beach shelter. If the beach is by a woods of some kind, then be sure to head into the trees before you settle down as you search for plenty of sticks. Don’t forget the length of the stick will determine how tall your shelter will be. Then, all you need to do is push the branches into the ground in a square a tie a sheet to your masterpiece. Voila!

The bike-mad shelter

Many of us may bike to the beach with our friends. It can be a great way to get some extra exercise into our day as well as enjoying Mother Nature on the journey. If this is the case and you still want some shade, then your choice of transport could be all you need to make the perfect beach shelter. Simply flip your bikes upside down, so they are balanced on the handlebars and seat, before covering them with a blanket or two. Now you have the perfect place to keep cool before realizing you still have to cycle all the way home…

The over-do-it canopy

If you’re heading to the beach with a large group of friends and worry how you will all fit into the shade then have no fear; we got you covered. This takes a little more work as you will have to set up multiple squares of posts that can all be joined together, but once the bases are in you’re nearly there. Just make sure to bring plenty of sheets you can tie to your posts as a way to keep the sun out and the good times in as you chill out with your friends.

The simple beach shelter

Maybe all of the other options seem a bit out there for you? There is no need to worry as you can keep it nice and easy with a simple square finished with a section of cloth or blanket for the roof. See, it doesn’t have to be complicated or fancy to make it onto our list! However, if you want to class-up your new beach pad then why not bring a blanket to lay on the floor and a pillow or two to make things a bit more comfortable?

The angled answer

Many of us like to add a twist to things. After all, it is boring to blend in, right? All you need to do is start off making the simple beach shelter but choose two smaller posts for one side of the shelter. This way, when you attach your roof, you will get a pleasing to the eye right angled finish. These are great options if you want to try and get a breeze through your beach shelter, or want to use it as a place to hide for some people watching.

As much as we love the sun, sometimes it can even be too much for us to handle. Whether you plan on spending the day in the sea or soaking up some rays, be sure to make your own beach shelter to cool off in between all the fun.