Why switching to water is the best thing you can do

Soda tastes good and gives us energy, but is it really good for us? While we might love its flavor, it can actually be detrimental to our health. Water, on the other hand, has some surprising benefits that you might have never known before. Making a simple change to drink water more frequently might just be the best change you ever made to your diet.

Think about the environment

Before we dive into the health and lifestyle benefits of drinking water over any other drink, it’s worth noting that soda bottles are one of the biggest polluters of our planet. If switching to water cuts back on just a few bottles a week, you could have a huge impact on the future of the environment.

Why switching to water is the best thing you can do

Nurture your skin

Water hydrates our skin and body, while also having a ton of other benefits. Water is known for flushing out toxins. Toxins are usually the dreaded cause of pimples and acne. By drinking water and flushing out toxins, you could dramatically limit the appearance of pimples, along with preventing them from cropping up in the first place.

Prevent illness

Water has a whole hoard of benefits for our wellbeing. Drinking more water and cutting back on soda and coffee can help to maintain your blood pressure as well as your heart rate. Water can also prevent headaches, kidney stones, and even constipation, not to mention those dreaded hangovers. It also flushes out unwanted bacteria which could turn into sickness. Water regulates our body temperature and digestive system, decreases inflammation in our joints, as well as helping to transport oxygen around the body. So, based on physical health alone, switching to water is the best thing you could do for your body.

Get active

It’s no secret that water has significant effects on our health and one of the best of these is the energy it can give us. Many people have reported that drinking more water has increased their energy levels tenfold, meaning they’ve found it easier, as well as more enjoyable, to get active and exercise.

Why switching to water is the best thing you can do

Smile more

Water is proven to help our mood, too. Drinking more water, and less of other drinks, can make us feel less miserable, making it that bit easier to get through that stressful Monday morning you’ve been dreading. Our cells can’t function properly if we lack water and our brains are no different.

Lose a few pounds

Drinking a lot of water can also decrease our appetite, which in turn means we don’t eat and snack quite as much, and you know what that means. Yep, you’ve got it, weight loss. So, if you’re already on the “getting my summer body” train, then drinking water could be the key to your diet.

While other drinks may have a more delectable flavor, no drink has benefits quite like water does. Your body relies on water for most of its functions and processes, but if you switch to water instead of sugar and chemical filled sodas, you’ll reap the many other benefits, too.