Things we can learn from Marie Kondo’s tidying up method

If you haven’t already watched Netflix’s new phenomenon ‘Tidying up with Marie Kondo,’ then log in to your Netflix right now and start watching because you will not be disappointed. Marie Kondo has developed her own strategy of tidying up, and she calls it the ‘KonMari’ method. This has been an incredibly popular and effective strategy she has made famous around Japan, and now she has brought it to the U.S. It might seem a little crazy at first, but many people who have watched the show have then decided to utilize the method with their own home and belongings; apparently with very positive outcomes!

Does it spark joy?

You may have already heard this. However, it is an integral part of her method. Each of Kondo’s steps are important, but this one is probably the most significant when it comes to making the final decision. Kondo has revolutionized how people tidy by encouraging them to change their attitudes; part of that is choosing to respect your belongings. So, if it sparks joy, then you may keep it; if it does not spark joy, then you do not. One of Kondo’s ideas is that, if you respect your items and they do not spark joy, then it is more respectful to remove them and give them to somebody else; so that they might spark joy elsewhere.

Things we can learn from Marie Kondo’s tidying up method

Don’t procrastinate – make a mess

This makes a lot of sense when you think about it, all you need to do to force yourself to tidy up is to make the mess in the first place! Drag everything out of its hiding spot and make it visible. Otherwise, it’s probably going to stay there for several more years, and you won’t have made much progress in the long run.

The KonMari order of business

Stick to this order, Marie Kondo has been doing this longer than you have and she knows what she’s talking about. That order is as follows: clothes, books, documents, miscellaneous items, and mementos. The most important rule to remember is strictly to only sort through your keepsakes last. This is because they are the most distracting and will probably be the hardest decisions you will make through the entire process.

The fold

This has been reported to be a game-changer. There’s a method to the madness, but it’s a well-known fact that certain ways of folding neater or better at preserving space. Marie Kondo’s ‘fold’ does both. All you need to do is make your item into a rectangle; if this is a shirt, then fold both arms in. Then, you need to fold up from the bottom at least twice to create a small squared fold. There are short video tutorials online that can show it in a simple step-by-step process.

Things we can learn from Marie Kondo’s tidying up method

Respect yourself and your belongings

So many of us take basic items for granted. The KonMari method tackles this and promotes gratefulness for your possessions. By clearing out your unwanted clothes or junk, you are making space either for the things you genuinely need; or simply understanding that everything you have is already everything you need.

If you apply this to your everyday life, Marie Kondo says you will never have to clean again – how great is that? So, after you’ve watched the show, why don’t you have a go in your own home?