Things that will improve your sleep during the winter

As the nights get longer and the temperature drops, most of your evenings will likely be spent curled up on the sofa under a blanket or even in bed. Make the most of this cozy evening time by investing in some new products that will make your lounging time and, potentially, more importantly, your night’s sleep a whole lot better. Call it an early Christmas present to yourself, because let’s be honest, you deserve it.

Things that will improve your sleep during the winter

Heated items

It’s the original, the OG, the iconic winter product. An electric heated blanket is the perfect product this winter. Not only can you control exactly what temperature you want to be but you can also save money by giving your heating at home a bit of a break. Or if you don’t trust yourself and your partner not to start fights over a blanket, you could try a heated mattress pad. Many of these have dual controls, so you can both be at the temperature you want to be, and it also has the added benefit of soothing your muscles which is always great after a long day on your feet. This is the perfect way to improve your sleep, but you might not want to get out of bed.


Establishing a good night time routine can be essential to securing yourself a good night’s sleep. Many people swear by introducing a soothing evening spray to this routine, as it is a good way to signal to the body that sleep is coming up. There are many different versions of this type of product on the market, but most of them include some variation on the blend of lavender and chamomile essential oils as these can help you fall asleep more quickly – and, most importantly, stay asleep throughout the night.


A cheap, but still very satisfying purchase to get your cozy on during the long winter nights is the classic fuzzy sleep sock. There are a million and one different kinds, color and patterns so treat yourself to a long shopping session picking out the best fuzzy socks for your needs. For an extra special treat, put them on straight on from the dryer for a mega cozy feeling on your toes. Sometimes the simplest things are secretly the best.

Things that will improve your sleep during the winter


Half of the battle for becoming cozy is to create the ideal atmosphere to get you in a perfect state of relaxation in order to fall asleep. One of the best ways to set the mood is to light your favorite candle, particularly if you aren’t lucky enough to have a roaring fire in your home. When the stores start stocking the festive and wintery scents, invest in the biggest candle you can find to see you through the season. Just remember to blow it out before you get so cozy you fall asleep!

You don’t have to spend the earth to make yourself cozy and sleepy this winter. These products, big and small are ideal and will have you sleeping soundly throughout the long and cold winter nights. The only problem you’ll have to face now is getting up again the next morning.