Traits you should look for in a partner, according to matchmakers

Ahhh, the life of a singleton. While you lack the attention of a significant other, you normally make up for it with your intense relationship with two guys – one called Ben. The other called Jerry. What more do you need, ey? Despite the addition of cookie dough and chocolate brownies in your life, you do sometimes wish for someone like Ryan Gosling to cuddle up to in the evenings, and you life-size cutout just isn’t enough! So, you might scour the interweb looking for your next fish in the pool of plenty or swiping right for every single person that looks like they might like cats. But what should you really be looking for in a partner? Luckily, expert matchmakers have come up with 6 traits you just can’t live without.

Someone who is kind

Let’s be honest, we all wish we were Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (where’s our tiara at?), and one of the main things Meghan wondered about her royal beau was whether he was kind. Fact. Meghan had the right idea, as according to matchmakers, true kindness is one of the best traits you could look for in a partner. And we don’t mean the kind of kindness that gives you a beer when you get in from work. We mean true and genuine kindness, where they only have your best interests at heart.

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Similar life experiences

If you’re looking for the perfect partner, it’s best to look for someone who has had similar life experiences to you – and we’re not talking about that one time you got stuck in a restroom for eight hours. If you grew up close to your family, you should look for a significant other who also puts their family first. If you have faced a few hardships over the course of your life, you might find love with someone who has experienced similar struggles.

Similar values and goals

We can often base our own love lives on whether a potential partner loves cats, or plays tennis in their free time – just like you. While finding these compatibilities is important, compatibility in terms of values and goals are much more important. For example, if you’ve always dreamed of having a large family and living by the sea (awww, so cute), it probably won’t do well to find a partner who hates kids and has always wanted to live in the hustle and bustle of a city. You want to know that you are both walking on the same life path.

Find the yin to your yang

You know what they say, opposites attract! While it may sound pretty cheesy, this notion is actually pretty accurate. Experts suggest that finding someone who is the yin to your yang is one of the best building blocks for a successful relationship. After all, finding someone who is the same as you will probably end up in disaster – you’re one in a million, gurl. Don’t let anyone take over your shine.

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Similar travel preferences

If you’re in a new relationship and wondering whether the person next to you (hi there) is the right person for you, you should take a trip together! Choosing a travel destination and going on vacation together is one of the best tests you could have, to see whether your relationship could last. After all, we all have different travel preferences. Does your partner prefer exploring towns and cities for hours on end? Do you love laying on a beach for a week? These preferences will show you whether you are compatible and whether you can stand to spend a whole week with each other in close quarters…

A fiery passion

Ew. No. We’re not talking about THAT kind of passion (although of course, that is desirable). Instead, we’re talking about passion for life as a whole. There is nothing more unattractive than someone who has no idea where they want to go in life or is willing to do the work to be the best they can be. They coast along with their days and have no drive to better themselves. Basically, avoid these people at all costs!

Finding the perfect partner isn’t something you can do overnight. Don’t put pressure on yourself to rush into a relationship or be married by the time you’re 30. Take your time, and make sure the person you spend your life with is someone you don’t want to punch in the face every single day.