How to turn your studio apartment into a palace

Just because the studio apartment you live in is not quite the four-bedroom country cottage or the 12-bed mansion you want for the future, that doesn’t mean it can’t be fabulous. In fact, having a smaller space with no walls to define rooms, is an even better reason to make it feel homely and with a few easy tips, you can make it feel a whole lot bigger!

Get rid of clutter

This is an obvious one, but it is easy to get into bad habits. Clutter can easily pile up and make the apartment feel small and cramped. Get rid of anything you don’t need, want or use, and make sure everything has its place. Invest in decorative storage boxes for the things that you need to keep, but that do not need to be kept physically out.

Aim high

Draw the eye upwards with high wall shelving. This will give you plenty of storage space out of the way, as well as making your apartment look a lot bigger. If shelves aren’t possible, why not go boho chic with fairy light draped diagonally across the ceiling.

How to turn your studio apartment into a palace

Mirror image

Mirrors automatically make a space look much larger, so take advantage of this. A large mirrored surface on one side of the wall will open up the space and be really useful when trying on outfits. If you are not able to install such a large mirror, there are some fantastic, affordable mirror decals that you could use on one wall.

Cut a rug

Another way to make a clear distinction between the various functions of your space is to place a carpet under the sofa in your living area. Go for something with an interesting texture as this will make an excellent contrast and add a touch of luxury.

Utilise a bookshelf

Whether you read or not, chances are you will need a bookshelf of some sort, in order to keep a variety of stuff on. Place this between two “rooms” to create a divider. A cubby type is best as it can be used from either side, but will create the illusion of two different spaces. It can also be moved around if needed, and if you style it well, it will be a fantastic addition to your apartment.

Paint your ceiling

If you are able, paint your ceiling a darker color than your walls to stretch out the height of your apartment. Again, you are drawing the eye upwards and creating more height.

Less is more

Try not to overdo it with colors and patterns as this can make the room seem busy and cluttered. Go for something monotone with splashes of colors and keep the color scheme unified. This will make the room appear clean and airy.

How to turn your studio apartment into a palace

Take pride in your studio apartment – there are some great styles that look that you can create with a space like this! Remember to keep it tidy and clutter free, and everything else will be a bonus!