Ways to keep warm, but still look great!

Winter is an incredible season, right? The fresh mornings teamed with frosty fields and spiced lattes can be enough to see many of us through the cold months. So what about when you want to keep warm but still look great? It might not be as tough to look fashionable throughout winter as we once thought.

Thermal tights

So you want to still rock those dresses, but don’t want to face frostbite on your legs? Have no fear; thermal tights can be the answer that many of us need. They can come in all kinds of styles to suit all your fashion needs while still helping to add another layer of warmth to your look.

Thick scarves

Ah, scarves. These are the understated accessory that can take any outfit from meh to mesmerizing. Not only can scarves add another texture or pattern to your look, but they will also help keep the chill away from your neck and face at the same time. Perfect.


Of course, one of the best ways to keep out the chill – and any snow that might be about to come your way – is to layer up your outfit with a coat. Teddy bear coats are majorly in and are the fluffiest answer that many of us have been looking for when in need of a way to keep warm.


Perhaps you have a long day at the office but want to keep warm? Maybe you want to take a walk around the park without all those extra layers holding you back? It could be time to invest in a turtleneck or two. They can be layered underneath dresses to winterproof your wardrobe, or worn alone to keep the wind away from your neck.

Tall boots

We might not think about our footwear much in the winter, but this could be the key to success if you need to keep the chill away from your look. They can help to keep your feet and legs warm in addition to making sure they’re both kept dry in any unexpected storms.


Many people believe that a lot of our heat can be lost through our heads. Why take the risk out there in the elements? Berets add an international touch to many looks while thick beanie hats are usually a pretty trendy way to warm up a more relaxed outfit.


Yes – we adults and we love to wear mittens. Now, it looks as though it could be time to join the revolution. There is a reason that we wore them so much as children, and it’s because they help to keep all our fingers warm while looking stylish at the same time. Catwalks, here we come.

It seems as though completing our outfits with a few simple additions might be all it takes to keep ourselves warm but still look great throughout the colder months. While the double blanket burrito look might be a good one for an evening in front of Netflix, there are more styles all waiting to be explored while out and about.