Weird things men do before going on a date

So you’ve managed to find a match on Tinder, and the big date has finally arrived. For many guys, this is the prime opportunity to give themselves a little mini makeover to make them feel more confident. Sometimes it can get a little weird though. Here are some strange things men do before going on a date.


Just in case the date goes well guys want to make sure they are prepared for all eventualities. This includes a bit of manscaping to make sure there is no unseemly or unwanted body hair or other blemishes. People just want to look their best, and this is just another example of the modern man’s take on beauty.

Buy new underwear

You don’t want to get caught out with your Spiderman underwear, that might not be the impression you’re planning on sending out. While there’s nothing wrong with wearing such underwear, it’s not necessarily going to leave the strongest first impression. Many guys will head to the store to pick up a fancy pair of underwear to show his date he is a fully functioning adult, even if a little presumptuous his date is going to be seeing his underwear in the first place.


If you’ve promised a six pack but you’re rocking a keg this last minute workout isn’t going to make much of a difference. Sometimes though, working out just before you head out on your date can make your muscles appear bigger, particularly the biceps. Besides the very slightly larger muscles, a workout is a good way to relieve stress, so it helps to get rid of some of those pre-date nerves, and the endorphin rush afterward will help to keep the guy feeling positive for longer after the session in the gym.

Weird things men do before going on a date

Try to smell like their date’s dad

This is a little strange, but some guys have admitted to trying to smell like their date’s dad to seem more familiar. This is a little creepy considering the stalking required to obtain that information. Not to mention the mental mind games they are trying to play with their date. If your date smells like your dad, you might want to ask why, and how!

Clear their internet history

Imagine the scene, the date has gone well, and already the guy is happy for you to look at his phone. Seems pretty forward but most guys don’t want anyone knowing what they have been getting up to on their phones, including texts with their exes or their Instagram browsing history, especially if they have been scoping out their date beforehand. That is an embarrassment that neither side really wants to have to deal with.

Become private investigators

Speaking of lurking around Instagram, guys can find their inner detective and become amateur sleuths before a big date. In fairness, this isn’t as bad as it seems as you should make sure the person you are meeting for your date is who they say they are. There is nothing wrong with checking out the person to make sure the information they have told you matches up to their online portfolio, particularly if you met them on an internet dating website or app. It might be a little awkward if they find out you’ve been checking out their photos from eight years ago though.

Those were just a few of the strange things some guys do before they head on a date. Some of them you’d probably expect, but there are some that are a little out there.

Weird things men do before going on a date