Why writing down your dreams might be helpful

Some of us have dreams every night, while others can only occasionally remember what our mind conjures up every night. Whatever the case, there are many reasons that writing down your dreams might be helpful in the rest of your life.

Understand why you had them

Our dreams can sometimes seem a little bizarre as soon as we’re awake and have the time to think about everything we just saw. However, writing them down can be the first step to understanding why our minds gave us those dreams. Many stories can be learned from our dreams. Being stressed or excited about something as well as having a thought at the back of your mind can all have significant effects on our unconscious minds. Sometimes, we might not even realize that we have something on our minds until we write it down to help us put two and two together.

Photo: BURST

Notice any patterns

Do you always have the same dream around the same time of year? Perhaps you always have a recurring dream when you eat or drink something in particular? Writing down your dreams might be a helpful way to learn what it is that causes individual thoughts. That’s not all. Lucid dreams are the kind that we can control. One of the best ways to learn how to make your mind imagine certain things overnight is to realize the patterns that make us have them in the first place. This can be a brilliant way to take ourselves away from the real world and make sure that we have an enjoyable night’s viewing while we sleep.

Find sources of creativity

Many of us love to look for sources of creativity to give ourselves an outlet. This could be an image to use for our drawings, a storyline to use in our novel, or even a way to reorganize our home. Whatever the case, we can often find ourselves looking for some inspiration when it comes to imagining all those aspects that we need. Our minds are incredible things that can piece together all aspects of our lives into brand new situations. Sometimes, reading back over our creations could help to give our minds a boost.

Photo: BURST

Become more motivated

Our dreams can often be the drive that we need to improve our lives. Yes, they really can give us all the inspiration we need to improve ourselves. Some of us dream about our ideal jobs. Others like to imagine what it would be like to have their dream family. Our unconscious minds can often give us a look to the future that we might need to make our dreams come true. After all, after we’ve seen what our lives might be like, it could be the push to put our plans into action and change our lives, so our dreams are no longer just in our heads.

Dreams can sometimes be a little confusing and out there. However, writing down our dreams might be helpful if we want to find a way to tap into our unconscious minds and bring some of that creativity into the real world. The best bit? Journaling our dreams means that it might not be long until we have yet another excuse to head out and buy a brand new journal. Life really can be that great.