Why age is nothing but a number

Many people feel that we live in a world that is governed by many things, but one of those things is how old we are. It’s fair to say that many people do judge a person by their age, considering factors such as how mature they are, how far long life they are, how successful they are and so on. However, we’re living in a world today that sees people living longer, and a variety of ages in different stages of their life.

Life is rapidly changing

While forty years ago, or even twenty years ago, people had specific expectations of people of a certain age, it seems we’re living in a time where the correlation between expectation and age is changing. A long time ago, a woman was meant to try to be married in her twenties and spend her time managing her household, of course, these days, the age for marriage appears to be more and more fluid. With attitudes changing and societal expectations modernizing, it’s also had an effect on how people see age, too.

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People are living longer

Part of this could be attributed to the fact that people are living longer. After all, if somebody hasn’t established themselves a household and a family by thirty these days, it’s no big deal, and in many cases, expected. However, it wasn’t that long ago that people would be considered behind in life if that wasn’t the case. People have started to live a lot longer for quite some time now, showing that, by 50, you could still have a solid 40 or 50 years left; just look at the British Royal Family for example! Has this somehow shown people that they don’t need to be in such a rush?

Where does age come into all of this?

In many cases, people have to ask themselves, does my age really matter? Of course, in physical differences, it can be quite considerable, however, once someone reaches a comfortable age in adulthood, should age really be a defining factor? You could have someone who is 21, married, with children and a 50-year-old bachelor who lives life on the edge. With age, people’s bodies can slow down and even run into complications, but people are maintaining healthy bodies for longer, and no letting age get in the way.

It’s all in the head

If you talk to someone who has been around for six or seven decades, you may often hear them saying that, while their bodies may be aging, their mind is still as keen as when they were in their twenties. Sure, people gather worldly experiences and knowledge, but that’s all part of it. It’s not unheard of to have a young person with their head solidly planted on their shoulders, while they’re running after their reckless grandma.

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When it comes to love

The other issue people struggle with when it comes to age is the topic of love and romance. Naturally, there are laws in place to protect young people from growing up too quickly, and from inappropriate behavior, but once someone reaches adulthood, is age just a number? It’s a divisive topic, that’s for sure. However, many people have claimed that, as you get older, the age gap doesn’t feel so bad. After all, no one balks at a 60-year-old dating a 70-year-old, do they?

At the end of the day, people will see age how they want to, but in the end, age is just a number.