Things you should never buy used, but only new

The wonderful world of second-hand things has so many benefits. For one, it’s cheaper than buying new. It’s a great way to buy good quality brands and items without the hefty price tag. Most people are done with things before they are even worn out, so buying things second-hand means finding hardly-used gems. As a bigger bonus, it’s great for the environment. There are some things that are not a good idea to get second-hand, though.

Things you should never buy used, but only new


We sleep on them every night, so these are never going to be found hardly used. It may be expensive to buy a new mattress, but it’s never a good idea to buy them after someone else has used them. You have no idea who and what was on that mattress. The biggest issue is bed bugs. They are not only pesky, but a serious way to get your legs and arms full of little itchy bites. Not to mention the eerie idea of bugs crawling around a bed. Most second-hand mattresses are older than five years old, which makes them not even worth the purchase. Spare yourself the spring poking your back.


On the topic of bugs, how about head lice? Second-hand hats and helmets are the best way to contract a case of head lice. Instead of spending the next few weeks combing your hair, rather get a new helmet. But the problem with second-hand helmets goes beyond pests. It’s also about the purpose of the helmets. The foam inside, made to protect the head, wears away over time. People aren’t always as honest as we’d like to think. So, buying second-hand could mean the difference between being protected and unprotected. If a helmet has been through a crash, it shouldn’t be used again.


Concerned about cooties and germs? When it comes to used underwear, there is a reason why shops won’t even allow them to be tried on. If you’re looking for underwear, it’s best to buy new. It’s better to be as cautious as possible with underwear as its worn closer to private areas more often than any other clothing item – so skip the second-hand underwear.

Things you should never buy used, but only new


Skin breaks out all on its own, so no need to add a rash from someone else’s cosmetics. Makeup is expensive, and it’s understandable why the temptation to buy second-hand exists. Makeup is a breeding ground for bacteria, and you have no control over how someone else stores it. “Used makeup can be contaminated with bacteria, fungi, or other microorganisms which can put you at risk for dangerous infections and potentially other adverse effects as a result of these infections,” Sejal Shah – a dermatologist in New York – says.

Cooking Utensils

Blenders, food processors, and other appliances are impossible to clean properly without taking them apart piece-by-piece. Since nobody does that every time they wash it, there’s a good chance there are years of food traces in a second-hand appliance. The same goes for knives. They are either not properly cleaned, or so harshly cleaned that the metal can be weakened. This is also a sure-fire way to get blunt blades. So stay sharp and buy these new.

Don’t let this sway you from buying second hand. All we’re saying is, you never know how people treated their items before you came across them.