This homeless man had his life totally changed after one incredible makeover

Feeling the blues

On the streets of Palma, Spain lived one man, Jose Antonio. Jose had called these alleyways his home for the last 25 years. However, life wasn’t always this way. For many years Jose had been working as a successful electrician. Sadly, this was all about to change. Jose began to struggle with depression. His thoughts made it impossible for the electrician to get out of bed or go about his day to day life. After many weeks of missing work, the bills were all too much. With no money coming in, Jose was forced to take to the streets to survive. It looked as though there was no way he would be able to make it out the other side.

A face of the neighborhood

Everyone in the local area was used to seeing Jose. In fact, because Jose has been on the streets for so long, he had almost become a local celebrity in the area. The neighborhood all wanted to help their friend as best they could. However, no one knew how to help Jose get back to work and off the streets. Instead, the locals would offer their time to have a conversation and check that he was still safe. After years of making friends with everyone in the area, Jose even earned the nickname “Josete.” Jose never knew that was one of his many friends that was about to change his life in the most unbelievable way possible.

Getting work

Although Jose had a successful career, he was only 30 years old when he first took to the streets. He was then forced to take whatever jobs he could in order to make money just to survive. One of his many duties was working as a parking attendant on the island of Majorca. The money may not have been much, but it was enough to buy some food for the day. As Jose continued to look for any money he could, he met Salva Garcia. It started as just another conversation. That was until Salva offered up a plan…

Local businesswoman

Jose was now 55 years old. After 25 years on the streets, would he ever be able to change his life? Sadly, his lifestyle had taken a toll on more than just his mental health; his appearance meant many people judged Jose by his looks. Salva was the owner of La Salvajeria, a local hair salon. It was then that Salva thought of a plan. She offered Jose the chance to come in for a free makeover.

Beginnings of a transformation

Salva had even more plans than giving Jose a haircut; she wanted to change his entire appearance. Jose hadn’t had his hair cut for many years and couldn’t wait for the chance to see what lay underneath all those years on the street. To make it even better, Salva wanted to go shopping for an entirely new wardrobe for Jose. This was a chance for him to restart his entire life. Would it all go to plan?

Creating a new look

The day had come. Jose arrived at Salva’s salon. However, when he sat and looked in the hairdresser’s mirror, Jose realized he didn’t even recognize the man staring back at him. Where had that 30-year-old electrician gone? Now, he was left with a person that was a shadow of his former self. First impressions had always been important to Jose. He wanted to get that confidence back. Salva realized how much this meant to her new friend and was determined to make it a day Jose would never forget.

No smoke or mirrors

Jose wanted one last moment to take in the man in the mirror – the person he had become. However, after one last glance, all the mirrors were taken away. Salva wanted the makeover to be a complete surprise for Jose. Plus, Jose didn’t want to see any of the processes. In fact, he thought that once the mirror was unveiled at the end of it all, it would mark the start of a brand new chapter. It was time to sit back and see what happened.

Shaving back the years

All that time on the streets meant Jose’s hair and beard had grown out of control. His facial hair had all turned gray, while his hair fell way past his shoulders. Salva was going to have to work hard if she wanted to find the man that lay underneath. Jose hadn’t been worried about his looks over the years; he was only worried about finding enough food to survive. However, he was ready to get his confidence back and start taking pride in his appearance once again.

Feeling nervous

The scissors were out, and the first cut was made. Only, rather than feeling excited about what was to come, Jose began to get nervous. Had he made a mistake? Was it too late to turn around and leave? Jose hadn’t had a chance to think through what this makeover was about to do. Jose was so excited that someone cared that he answered “yes” before realizing what was happening. He had to go through with it if he wanted to change.

Luscious long locks

It wasn’t just Salva that was prepared to help Jose; her entire team of hair stylists arrived to help transform Jose into a new person. However, because Jose’s hair was so long, the stylists had to pin it all up out of the way. When it was time for the cut, they had to do it in layers. The 25 years on the street meant it had been a long time since Jose had it trimmed. After chopping away, the team had finally finished the new locks.

Change of color

Jose may have been 55 years old, but living on the streets meant he looked a lot older than he was. This wasn’t helped by his graying hair. Salva wanted Jose to leave the salon a changed man and knew a new color would be the perfect way to continue with the transformation. Although Jose had the entire world at his hands, he opted for brown dye – the color his hair was before it all turned gray. The color was done. It was time for the next phase.

Facial hair overhaul

Jose had let his beard get out of control. Over the years, his facial hair had grown down his chest. Although the stylists wanted to give Jose a makeover, they didn’t want him to lose his looks. Instead, they opted to trim it back and color it the same color as the rest of his new locks. Together, the haircut and beard trim was set to make Jose look like a brand new person. Jose had been nervous about the results. Now, he couldn’t wait to see himself in the mirror.

More and more falling

Everywhere Jose looked, he could see his hair falling around him. How much were the stylists cutting off? Surely he couldn’t have that much left? Amazingly, Jose reports that his head began to feel lighter as the hair continued to tumble around him. All the years on the street had been tough for the former electrician. Plus, no one had ever paid this much attention to Jose before. He couldn’t believe the kindness he was receiving from Salva and her team.

Shaggy to chic

Jose had walked into the salon with unkempt hair and an unruly beard. However, the stylists were determined to get it back to its former glory. They worked tirelessly to trim back the facial hair and ensure that every strand had been colored to perfection. To finish it all off, the stylists even used conditioner to give Jose’s beard a healthier appearance. It had taken hours, but they were nearly done. Would all of their hard work pay off in the end?

Finishing up

The stylists looked around at all their hard work before finishing off with the final touches. They broke out the razor blades to trim any stray hairs they had missed in the haircut. Then it was time for the salon’s barber to have their turn. They used the traditional razor to get as close as they could with the last beard shave. Finally, the stylists added the final touches to Jose’s hair. The hard work was done. Now, it was time for another update.

New threads

Salva and the team bought Jose a brand new designer outfit to finish off his new look. While he was dressing for his grand unveiling, one of the beauticians tweezed his eyebrows. No hair was to be left out of place. It was time to see the results. Jose stepped out from the dressing room to a room full of people on the edge of their seats. Would the entire look come together? Plus, what would Jose think of his new appearance?

Looking back to the past

Jose walked into the salon as a man that had been living on the streets for the last 25 years. He had been wearing the same clothes and hadn’t seen the inside of a salon for decades. All of this made Jose look a lot older than he was. Plus, being homeless meant Jose hadn’t had a proper night’s sleep in years. He looked tired and in need of a change. Salva and her team had a considerable task on their hands. It was time to see what Jose thought.

The grand unveiling

Where once there stood a desperate man before the team. Now, they were looking at an entirely new person. Long gone was the scraggly gray hair and instead was a well-groomed and sleek brown ‘do. Instead of looking tired and old, Jose looked as though he had joined the hipster age! His whole look was a fresh and clean transformation from the person that first met Salva on the streets. The question is: how would Jose react to his new look?

Lost for words

The moment had come for Jose to see himself in the mirror. Would he finally recognize the person looking back at him? Three, two, one… Jose was lost for words. In fact, the only thing he could do was gasp as he saw the person that had been lying underneath all that hair all this time. It wasn’t long before all the emotions became too much; tears began to pour down Jose’s face. He knew this would change his life, but no one could have guessed how different Jose would look at the end.

The man in the mirror

The transformation was so much that Jose didn’t even recognize the person looking back at him in the mirror. Was this a positive reaction? Everyone was about to find out. Jose uttered that the makeover was “Incredible” before stating that “No one’s going to recognize me” unless he introduced himself. He couldn’t believe that he looked so different. Jose was about to prove everyone right when he took to the streets to meet the people he had been speaking to for the last 25 years.

A whole new life

Jose never thought that he would look how he did now. Being homeless had taken an enormous toll on his appearance, but now he was left with a sudden realization. Jose saw what he could have looked like had he not spent so long of his life living on the streets. At last, he was given a chance to change his entire life. The makeover was about to provide Jose with the opportunity to turn everything around. Now, it was time to start living all those dreams he had for himself.

Feeling positive for change

Change is something many of us fear. Not for Jose. He was ready to embrace whatever was coming his way. As soon as the mirror was revealed, everyone in the salon realized how much it meant to the former electrician. His posture became more confident, and his demeanor was finally positive. Jose had transformed into an entirely new man. That wasn’t all. For the first time in years, Jose was smiling from genuine happiness rather than putting on a show for the people of Spain.

Going back to his roots

Jose had spent the last 25 years sat at a monument in the city. Here he would pass the days by talking to strangers and keeping himself amused. Now, he was about to return with his brand new look. Rather than his scruffy clothes, Jose now had red pants and a white shirt that were finished off with stylish sunglasses. Would anyone recognize Jose? After all, he looked like a completely different person. This was more than just a change for Jose; everyone was ready to see the difference.

World of modeling

All the people in the area had been so used to the way Jose looked before his transformation. Now, the waitresses from nearby restaurants and cafes all flooded outside to see his new look. They all gave the local star the thumbs up as they approved of his new look. No one could believe the way he looked. In fact, people would never be able to tell that Jose was homeless at all. Instead, they thought Jose could easily pass as a model.

Becoming a hero

A camera crew began to follow Jose around to capture people’s reactions as they saw the man they had been talking to for a quarter of a century. One man couldn’t believe this was the same Josete they had seen sat at the monument every day. Another asked where Jose had left his Ferrari. After all, he now looked like a superstar, not someone living on the streets. Although everyone else was surprised, no one was as lost for words as Jose himself.

Meeting former friends

Jose headed for somewhere he thought someone might recognize him – a local bar. He stepped inside and ordered a drink for himself. However, when the waiter brought it to the table, he didn’t say a word. How could this be as Jose had spoken to him for years? Jose asked the waiter if he knew who he was. The waiter stepped back for a better look. Then it suddenly sank in. It was Jose. He couldn’t believe this was the same person. Where had Jose gone?

A hit with the ladies

Jose continued to walk the streets as he found all the people he had spoken to over the years. It was then that he met some women he had seen in the past. Would they recognize him? One woman mentioned how she believed he was “Very handsome” while another couldn’t help herself but lean in for a hug. She never thought that this person lay underneath all that hair. The transformation had been a complete success. All it had taken was some new clothes and a haircut – who would have guessed?

Viral sensation

It might be no surprise to hear that Jose’s story soon took over the internet. Not only had he taken over the local area, but Jose had also dominated Spain as well as becoming a hero all around the world. Jose admitted that the makeover had altered his entire life as well as changing his appearance. Salva was keen to keep up with her new friend. The salon owner reported that a company is now working alongside the star to provide financial assistance. He no longer has to worry about sleeping on the streets.

Famous faces

Many people now compare Jose to a “Spanish Hugh Jackman.” Before, Jose would help a resident named Paola Bocardo to park their car every day. After the transformation, however, Paola barely recognized their friend. What had they done with Jose? However, the star still has another goal up his sleeve; Jose wants to land himself a new job. On his path to the top, Jose has dyed his hair silver in a bid to embrace his age. Plus, the star is on the hunt for love.

Finding a partner

When Jose took to the streets with his new look, none of his former friends were able to recognize him. They were so used to seeing the homeless man that lived by the monument, not the stylish man that stood before them. However, it wasn’t just his old friends that couldn’t wait to see Jose. The star made plenty of new friends with other locals. For the first time in years, Jose had women coming up to him as they wanted to get to know the man behind the beard. It was quite the shock!

Congratulations all around

Jose’s latest job had been parking cars for customers at a local restaurant. This meant he had made plenty of friends with regular diners. It was when the businessman came back in for another meal that he spotted the parking attendant. It couldn’t be – was that the same man he had been talking to all these years? Emotions were running high. The businessman couldn’t help but rush over to Jose and embrace him in a huge hug. He was so proud of his makeover.

Clooney lookalike

It wasn’t just his resemblance to Hugh Jackman that had everyone talking. Jose has since ditched the beard altogether and now sports a silver ‘do. Jose hopes that his extra change makes him look even cleaner cut than his first transformation. However, people were quick to point out his similarities to the Hollywood legend George Clooney. It appears as though Jose’s makeover has made him quite the hit as he walks the streets he used to once call “home.”

Seeing clearly for the first time

Being homeless had also taken a massive toll on Jose’s health. His eyes had suffered dramatically from being in the sun as well as his poor diet. This meant Jose had developed cataracts that almost caused him to go blind. So when his makeover was first unveiled, the star struggled to see his new appearance. Thankfully, he has undergone several surgeries to fix the issues. For the first time in years, Jose is able to see the world for all its beauty.

Getting life together

The makeover really has changed Jose’s entire life, For the first time in years, he has been able to land himself a stable part-time job, in addition to having a steady income from a company that wants to help the star get back on his feet. To top it all off, Jose has his own apartment with his own bed. He no longer has to find shelter to sleep in the streets. Although he is still looking for a full-time position, Jose is finally living a life he can be proud to call his own.