13 great makeup tips you need to know

You have been doing your makeup for a while now and a simple dabbing, rubbing and quick applying here and there gets you ready to go. However, there are many ways to step up your makeup routine and get results close to what a professional makeup artist would give without straining or trying too hard. It doesn’t take much time or any special products, either. Take your makeup to another level by having a little bit of fun with your makeup kit. We’ll look at tips that will elevate your makeup, taking you from normal to flawlessly glamorous in seconds.

13 great makeup tips you need to know

1. For perfectly shaped eyebrows, draw a line below, another one above, then fill in the middle. This will result in beautifully shaped filled out eyebrows, and we all know great eyebrows are critical in achieving a great look.

2. When using bronzer on your face, extend its application to your neck and chest too. This evens out your skin tone and everything adopts the same color, giving a more natural look.

3. To get lasting curled lashes easily, heat your eyelash curler with a blow dryer before curling. Make sure to let it cool down a little before using to avoid burning your lashes.

4. Heat your pencil eyeliner below a flame to get a gel formula. This will result in a smudgier look on application.

5. Intensify the color of your powder eyeshadow by mixing some setting spray into the makeup you’re using. You can also simply dip your brush in water before swiping it over the shade. This will also make the color last longer.

6. Hold a spoon beneath your lower lashes or above your upper lashes when applying mascara to avoid getting it on your skin or ruining your eyeliner or eyeshadow.

7. Apply white eyeliner to the center of your lips then spread it out to get fuller lips.

8. To make your eyeshadow shade pop out more, first apply a neutral base on your eyelid. Run it all over your eyelid to ensure that darker shadows blend properly.

9. Make your own lip color by mixing eyeshadow with lip gloss if you do not have the lipstick for it.

10. For long lasting lip color, lay a tissue over your lips after applying lipstick, then dust colorless powder over it to set the lipstick. The tissue prevents the powder from lightening out the lip color, so be sure to use it.

13 great makeup tips you need to know

11. To get the perfect cupid’s bow on your lips, draw an ‘x’ on your upper lip using a lip liner of the same shade as the lipstick you’re using. This ‘x’ will guide you and give you a well formed cupid’s bow when done.

12. If your concealer is too heavy, add in a little moisturizer to make it lighter.

13. Avoid a cake face by using finishing spray to give your face an even natural look. You can make your own spray by mixing glycerin with rose water and using a spritzer. This way, your makeup will stay on longer and give a glowing look.

You do not have to sweat it to look great. Use up some of these tips to improve your look and have fun with your makeup kit.