5 road trip tips to kick off your perfect summer

Although we don’t like to discriminate against all of the other seasons, we just can’t deny that summer warms our hearts every single year – and that’s not just because the sun comes out of hiding and makes us feel super warm all the time. Yep, summer is the chance to hang out with your best girlfriends, spend most of your day at beach topping up your tan and wearing cute short-and-top combos that make you feel as though you’ve just returned from Coachella. However, nothing quite compares to feeling the wind in your hair as you go on an epic road trip of a lifetime. If this is your summer plan, check out these 5 road trip tips that’ll put you in a breezy state of mind this summer…

Remember safety first!

Okay, we hate to be a negative Nancy right now – but staying safe on your road trip is super important. To ensure that you’re prepared for any eventuality, it’s best to create a safety pack before you leave. Carry extra gas if you have the space or ensure that you fill up wherever you can. Make sure you have water on your to quench your first, remember your sunblock, and always ensure that the driver is awake and alert and all times. We just want you to have a great and safe time, ladies and gents.

Remember safety first!

Make sure you carry essentials

You won’t just need a safety pack, as you’ll also need to make sure that you carry all of the essentials you’ll need for the most epic road trip of all time. Of course, of vital importance is that you take snacks. What’s a road trip without snacks? You’ll also need to make sure that you carry cash with you so that you can pass through tolls. Don’t forget comfy clothes to get you through the drive, an awesome road trip playlist, and even a spare toilet roll if you’re scared of getting caught short along the highway…

Give every road tripper a role

If you’re not riding shotgun or driving the car, road tripping just isn’t as fun. It’s a fact. Thankfully, there is a way to ensure that all of you will be singing Vanessa Carlton’s ‘A Thousand Miles’ at the top of your lungs with a smile on your faces within no time. The best way to do this is to give every road tripper a job. Choose one of you to be the driver, another to be in charge of directions, another in charge of choosing the music, and another in charge of snacks. This way, you’ll get everything done and get everyone involved. Feel free to swap around the roles as and when, to give everyone a fair chance at something fun.

5 road trip tips to kick off your perfect summer

Give in to technology

Unless you were the chief girl guide and have a degree in map reading, there’s a high chance that you’re going to get lost at least once on your road trip – so why not give in and use what momma (AKA the internet) gave us? Nowadays, there are so many maps apps that can help you out of a sticky situation or help you find the coolest road trip spots that it will make your road trip even better. If that’s even possible.

Stay positive, y’all

We’ve all heard of backseat drivers – and they don’t magically disappear when you get in a car with your besties. There will always be someone in your road trip group who wants to take control, another who literally couldn’t care less, and another who can’t help but sing at the top of their lungs, and this means there might be a few issues here and there. Basically, you might get a little annoyed with each other. However, the worst thing to do is to give in to this annoyance. By keeping a positive attitude, you’ll be as happy as Larry. Whoever Larry is.

Are you planning on going on an epic summer road trip? Remember these 5 road trip tips to have the best time ever!