5 signs someone has a crush on you — even if it doesn’t seem like it

You saw her from across the room. You were blown away by her blue eyes, her blonde locks, and her Star Wars T-Shirt – and you just KNEW that you had to go over and speak to her (or growl like Chewbacca). As you tried to ignore your sweaty palms, your racing heart and the fact that you had your lungs in your throat, you summoned up the courage to turn on your charm and woo her over. At least, you think you did. You couldn’t help but feel like she just wasn’t the into you. Or was she? Here are 5 signs that someone has a crush on you – even if it doesn’t seem like it.

They act differently around you

If someone has a crush on you, they might try everything in their power to make them like you – which means that they may change their behavior or act differently around you than they would do around other people. In fact, this goes back to playground politics. You would always treat your school crush differently to get them to notice you, and it seems we still haven’t grown out of it…

They’ll always try to get close to you

If you’re in the same friendship circle as your crush, there is one tell-tale sign that they have a crush on you right back. Yep, if they do everything they can to get close to you, it’s a sure sign that they like you a little more than a friend. It may be that they invite themselves along to the weekly movie night they have never been to before, or it may be that they simply stand closer to you when you walk in the room. Keep an eye out!

They think you’re super cool

I mean, who doesn’t, right? While the rest of the world thinks that you’re the coolest thing since sliced bread, your crush will think you’re even cooler than that (which is kind of a big deal) – and they will probably show it. They will ask you questions, they will remember information about you, and they will try to build up an image of you as a boyfriend or girlfriend in their head.

They’ll stare at you

Normally, catching someone staring at you is the creepiest thing, like, ever. Especially if they don’t look away! However, those who have a crush on you will often stare at you because they’re overwhelmed by your attractiveness (of course), your intelligence (duh) or your social skills (yay, friends). Instead of looking away or giving them a dirty look, give your crush a little smile to show them that you’ve seen them and that you reciprocate their feelings.

They will try to keep your conversations going

There was nothing worse than having conversations with your crushes when you were younger. Asking them how they were doing and getting a ‘nb, u?’ reply sparked the end of a conversation, and your attempts to woo were over and done with. However, as adults, we like to show our interest by talking for hours on end to our crush. If you’re not sure whether your crush likes you or not, one of the best ways to know for sure is to subtly close a conversation and see whether they try their best to keep it going. If they do, you’re onto a winner!

If you’re not sure whether your crush likes you or not, these 5 signs might make things a little clearer for you and your love life.