Adult sleepover party ideas that are great

Sleepovers are for kids, right? WRONG! You can have a sleepover at any age! It doesn’t matter if you’re now supposed to be an ‘adult’ and all that kinda weird nonsense, or whether you have to go to a big-boy job in the morning, we will not accept any reason why someone would turn down the offer to spend the evening in their pajamas, eating copious amounts of fast food and gummy worms, and creating their very own Burn Book (but a nice one). Yep, slumber parties are the best, and they can actually get even better as you get older. Don’t believe us? Check out these slumber party ideas that are great…

Mattress surfing

Okay, if you haven’t seen The Princess Diaries 2 then you can’t sit with us, soz. If you have, you’ll know the brilliance of mattress surfing and how flipping amazing it looks. Whether you glide down the stairs like Queen Clarice or glide like Princess Aimee who has to go potty, you can tackle this task with just a mattress and some stairs. Maybe wear a crash helmet if you’ve never done it before, though.

Adult sleepover party ideas that are great

Have yourself a bake-off

Wine and cupcakes? It’s a match made in heaven. While you can just buy cupcakes from the store, it’s much more fun to take on your very own Cupcake Wars and attempt to make a giant feature in the shape of Spongebob Squarepants. We can’t guarantee that no cupcakes will be harmed in the making of these baked goods, but it’ll be good fun.

A bottomless Mimosa bar

I mean, you should be sold already. Bottomless Mimosas… where do we sign up?! One of the best things about being an adult is that you can do whatever you want when you want – which means you can also treat yo’self when you want. So, when you next have an adult sleepover, remember to take the orange juice, the champagne, and maybe a few party umbrellas to liven it up a little bit. Sorted.

Karaoke like Beyonce

Is it really a sleepover WITHOUT a whole load of singing and dancing?! While your friends may tell you to shut up and shove another Mimosa in your face, if you know that you’re singing karaoke like Beyonce, you keep doing you. Don’t let the haters get to you. After all, you’re a single lady, and if they like it they can put a ring on it! Yuh-huh, so stick on the banging tunes, create an epic Spotify playlist, and dance and sing the night (and morning) away.

Try to be the ‘True American’

Now you’re fully grown adults (apparently), you’re now allowed to drink big girl drinks. So, you need to celebrate this fact in style and try to be the ‘True American.’ While the rules of this game normally change from group to group, the aim of the game is to try and reach the castle before anyone else to be the ‘True American.’ However, you’ll have to battle it through the zones and the drinks before you reach it…

Get artsy and paint wine glasses

Although nobody says it, the main aim of any sleepover is to try and get one slumber person to almost pee themselves laughing throughout the night – and we have a feeling that painting wine glasses and making some ‘pour’ artsy decisions while under the influence could release a chuckle or two. Of course, your creativity may be pretty poor, but it’s something fun to do, am I right?

Adult sleepover party ideas that are great

Create your own scavenger

Ahhhh, this one will bring back some memories. No sleepover would be complete without screaming girl’s (i.e., you) running after some random objects (of your choosing), and often punching each other in the process to find them. So, why stop just because you’re an adult. You have a much bigger punch nowadays, so you might have a better chance of winning…

Sleepovers are the best things ever, and being an adult shouldn’t stop you from having a heck load of fun. So, eat lots of food, drink lots of fizz, get your guys or girls together and have a good giggle.