Great inexpensive holiday gifts

Is it just us, or do you find yourself having more and more people to buy gifts for every year? Buying presents for several people really adds up, so anywhere that you can save money is a bonus. Of course, you don’t want to give your friends and family rubbish gifts, so here are some fantastic ideas for great gifts that won’t break the bank.

Homemade food

Who doesn’t love food?! If you are gifted in the kitchen, you could rustle up a bunch of homemade cookies or cupcakes. Put them in a nice box, or wrap them in ribbon for a really thoughtful gift. If you aren’t quite Betty Crocker, you could give your recipient the means to make their own food. For example, measure out the ingredients of a brownie recipe and pour them into a mason jar in layers. Add a bow on top and on a gift tag, include the instructions. This looks really pretty and will make it really easy for your gift recipient to make their own brownies – if you’re lucky they might even give you one!

A hug in a mug

Find your friend a mug that expresses their personality and fill it with something cute. For example pop in a hot cocoa mix and marshmallows for a toasty treat, or roll up some socks and a face mask for a pampering present. If you want to go down the DIY route, you could write a lovely note for them and include that in the mug, or even some IOUs that promise things such as a cinema trip or a home-cooked meal. For the coffee or tea enthusiast in your life, splash out on some fancy tea bags or coffee beans and put those in the mug.

A book

Books are a fantastic gift. You could choose a non-fiction book that reflects something they are interested in, or if you have read a book that you think they would love, that makes a great gift too. The book doesn’t even have to be brand new, a well-worn copy of your all-time favorite book with a personalized message inside the front cover is a really thoughtful, kind and cheap gift.

Scarves and hats

A nice scarf and a cozy hat are so useful in the winter. Buy your friend some nice winter wear in a color or pattern that you think would suit them, and know that they will enjoy wearing them and thinking of you. Practical yet thoughtful gifts are a real winner, especially when they don’t cost you a whole lot.


Nothing is worth as much as a memory. If you and your sister used to absolutely love watching Grease as a child (and acting it out…!), you could get her the DVD to remind her of happy times. If there were sweets that you and your cousin used to eat at sleepovers, you could get her a big box of her favorites. Take a cute picture with your siblings and put it in a pretty frame for your grandparents, they will be really grateful.

Remember, it’s the thought that counts with gifts, and it is more important that you choose a thoughtful gift than an expensive one! That doesn’t mean you have to buy them something rubbish, as this list has hopefully shown.