What do happy people have in common?

It is safe to say that that being happy is a pretty universal goal. So it’s not surprising then, that the science behind the phenomena of happiness garners a lot of attention and there have been many reports worldwide about the happiness of individuals, groups, and cultures. As a result, we are learning more about the topic every day; however, there are not many hard and fast facts that we can rely on as of right now. Some of our happiness is down to our genes, our external environment and ourselves. Here are some of the things that happy people all do and are behaviors we can pick up to boost our own happiness.


It is essential to develop relationships with others. These do not necessarily have to be romantic in nature by any means; the simple act of forming strong connections with other people has a positive impact on happiness. Studies have shown that people who have these relationships that involve trust and support went on to live the happiest and also healthiest lives.


The adage goes that money can’t buy your happiness. We’re sure it’s a little more complicated than that, but there is some truth to the saying. It has been found that people feel happier when they have more time available to them than more money. That might be a little easier said than done, but you can also feel positive effects from simply adopting that mindset, even if you don’t necessarily have lots of time to spare. Essentially, understanding what is important will make you happier.


Friends fans will remember that Joey once told Phoebe that there was no such thing as a totally selfless good deed and we would say he got that pretty right! Performing acts of kindness for others can improve your mood. It could be something small like helping out a friend with something like a lift somewhere or taking the time to do some voluntary work in the community. Doing good will make both yourself and others feel good.


Not only will hitting the gym help you burn calories and improve your health, but it will boost your level of happiness. Increasing your levels of physical exercise has been shown to in turn increase how happy you feel. For some people, taking up more exercise can also have a positive effect on their mental health.


This might seem a bit obvious, but having fun is one of the best things for your happiness, So instead of seeking out material things, you should try to have more experiences as this will make you much happier in the long term. So if you want to spend your money to make yourself or a loved one happy, consider paying for an activity session or buying them something that will facilitate their favorite past times.

Overall, happiness doesn’t need to be living the perfect life and spending lots of money. While other things can and will affect your mindset, you should look at yourself and your actions which will ultimately improve how you feel in your daily life.