What not to wear to family dinners

The festive season comes with a lot of get-togethers. This is probably the only time in a year that you get to meet your entire family and spend time with them. So, obviously, family dinners are a constant occurrence at this time. Given you have known most of these people your entire life you might think there’s no much ado about showing up at one of these dinners. After all, it’s with family where you finally drop the pressures from work or school and feel at home. On the contrary, there are measures you need to take to ensure you have a flawless experience at the table with your relatives.

A family dinner should be all about spending time together and, first before everything, enjoying delicious homemade dishes together. This is one of the reasons you don’t want to walk into that dining room dressed wrongly for the occasion. You of course don’t want to look like you’re walking into the boardroom at work, neither should you seem to be headed to the nearest beach. While you’re free to wear whatever you want, here’s a list of what you should not consider wearing if you want to have a great time with your family.

What not to wear to family dinners

1. Tight clothes

As earlier insinuated, eating and drinking is the business of the day when it comes to a family dinner. So, your first concern should be that you’re comfortable enough to be able to taste as many dishes on the table as you want. You definitely do not want your dress forming a tight barrier against your tummy halfway through the first course.

2. White tops

You’re going to be dealing with lots of gravy, sauces and wines, so not putting your white tops in the way of probable accidental spills is probably a good idea.

3. High heels

That pair of high heels may look completely sophisticated with that dress you’re planning to wear, but that might be what eventually ruins your evening. Unfortunately, family dinners don’t mean just sitting at the table stuffing yourself with delicacies. You might be called in to help in the kitchen, and high shoes will have you fatigued even before you start on the appetizer. You don’t want anything to dampen your mood, so don’t let your shoes do it for you.

4. Dresses or tops with wide sleeves

Again with the gravy. A wide sleeve will find its way into your gravy or whatever is on your plate, so keep the sleeves short or tight.

5. Plunging necklines

There’s always the chance of food spilling onto your clothes, and you do not want to be in a position whereby it drips down into your shirt. To be safe, make sure your tops keep your chest out of the way.

What not to wear to family dinners

6. Long necklaces

Yet another part of your outfit that might find itself in your plate before the end of the night. Stay safe with collared necklaces or those that stay close to your neck.

7. Graphic t-shirts

There’s nothing wrong with donning a top that expresses you in some way, but it might not be the best idea for a family dinner. That’s of course unless you don’t mind being the center of attention from all your nosy relatives.
Whatever you wear, just don’t let it be in the way of you enjoying your evening.