Nutrition changes that will do wonders for your skin

We all know how it goes: our skin gets spotty, dry or oily; we treat it or change our skincare routine, only for it to return three days later. It’s infuriating, and it makes us feel pretty bad about our skin, but what if we told you that there are some small changes you can make to your diet that will work absolute wonders for your skin? That’s right, we’ve got some nutritional changes that are easy enough to make, and are well worth it for the sake of your skin.

Get drinking

The first of the nutrition changes is probably the most spoken about, but for good reason. When people tell you to drink more, they aren’t kidding. Drinking water is amazing for your overall health, not just your skin. Water not only hydrates you – and your skin – but it can also aid in weight loss, bodily functions, and give us more energy. What we’re focusing on right now, however, is your skin. Water can flush out the toxins in your skin which cause pimples and imperfections pretty effectively. Drinking soda isn’t going to work though, make sure it’s just water!

Daily dose of vitamin E

Vitamin E is an incredible aid in making your skin flawless. Green leafy vegetables, nuts, and seeds are the most common foods which contain the vitamin, and so eating these regularly can clear your skin of all of those unwanted effects, including dryness and can even decrease sunburn! Sunflower seeds and almonds are among the most vitamin E rich foods, so we’d definitely consider having a handful as a snack or on a salad.

Step away from soda

While we all know that glucose, more commonly known as sugar, is bad for our skin, did you know that fructose corn syrup, which is what soda uses instead of pure glucose, is actually even worse for your skin? It causes inflammation in the skin and also aids in wrinkles and premature aging, and none of us want that!

Spice it up

Spices can actually have huge benefits for your skin. They have anti-inflammatory properties and so can decrease the risk of acne and the effects of aging. This is one of the easiest dietary changes to make – just sprinkle some cayenne pepper, garlic powder, or turmeric on your dinners and hey, presto – clear skin! Plus, of course, they make everything taste ten times better, so it’s a win-win situation, really.

Grab some green tea

Ditch the coffee – sorry – for some green tea the next time you fancy a hot drink. Green tea has antioxidants which can reduce the likelihood of a breakout, as well as reducing the signs of aging. Green tea polyphenols reduce inflammation, so are likely to fix your skin during a dreaded acne flare-up.

Whether you suffer from acne or otherwise flawed skin, then try some of these changes. After all, you’ve got nothing to lose, and we can assure you, they will work wonders. Any change to our damaged skin is worth it, right? Give these little alterations a go; you won’t regret it.