Planning the best office party

It’s not everyday we get to have an office party, but when it does happen, we want it to be both enjoyable and memorable! When you’re in charge of planning the party, it can even be worse, because of the pressure to deliver a fun-filled event for all. So, just for you, here are ways to throw a party that people will actually enjoy, and make yourself the office hero.

Have a theme

No matter who it is, we are all sticklers for a good theme. You can get creative when it comes to picking a theme. You can choose a throwback to a certain decade – like the ‘80s, ‘90s, and so on. The theme can have costumes, like superheroes or something that will fancy everyone’s taste buds, like food. The idea here is that the theme is a great ice-breaker and conversation starter. Even the shyest person in the office can feel at home by talking about the theme. It also breaks the mundane office small-talk that everyone hates.

Planning the best office party

Have food

This is definitely non-negotiable. Imagine looking forward to finger platters and chips with dips the whole night, only to arrive at a party with just drinks. The best way to make guests happy is good food. This includes vegetarian and vegan options to make sure everyone is included. A good mix of sweet and savory is also great for variety. Variety is also important when it comes to the drinks. People prefer different flavors and some might appreciate sugar-free options.

Decorate the location

If the party is at the office, make sure to give decorations a thorough go around. A party must be fun, and hanging out in the same office as you always do is a mood-killer. If the decorations match the theme it is a sure-fire way to make people really feel immersed in the party atmosphere. The more colorful, the better.

Have the right music

The right music is key to a good party. Although it’s not likely you will be breaking it down like you do at other parties, it is a good silence filler. The right music is inexplicit, for obvious reasons, and upbeat. You can even take requests from guests as the party goes.

Have activities

You can’t always rely on small-talk to keep the party going, so make sure there are party games for people to enjoy. This is a way to loosen people up, and group activities are great for team-building. Make sure to give the guests time to greet each other and get social, then start the games when the noise dies down.

Planning the best office party

Give goody bags

Small keepsakes are a great way to remind people of the memorable party they went to. Leaving with full hands feels much better than leaving with empty hands. They don’t need to be expensive, it can be something small that matches the theme. Think of magnets, keyrings, or even thank-you notes.Try and make it as personalized as possible.

Keep it classy

We don’t mean just the theme or decorations. The party must be fun, but not raunchy. The worst office parties involve people going overboard and making for embarrassing situations. This is especially important for an office party as bad behavior leaves a sour taste and ruins the company’s reputation for the employees. Keep it light-hearted but we advise not to encourage things like gossiping, getting too comfortable, and inappropriate social interactions.