How to prevent looking older

Aging – it’s that thing we try to avoid, but always catches up with us. We spend our childhood yearning to be adults, then regret it once we realize we keep getting older. It’s impossible to prevent aging (maybe one day…), but there are things we can do to keep ourselves looking young. Stay away from the botox and plastic surgery, because these are things all of us can do for little to no money.

How to prevent looking older

Cut down on the makeup

Once you start to notice creases in your skin, the first thing you probably want to do is hide them. Wrinkles are a sign that you’re old, right? Well, before you start covering yourself in makeup, you might want to stop and consider the impact this will have. Applying too much foundation to your face can have the adverse effect of accentuating some of those finer lines, thereby making you look older.

Opt for some lightweight moisturizing foundation to do the job, and only add extra concealer when truly necessary. Sometimes looking younger is less about hiding your aging and more about finding ways to reduce its impact.

Be kind to your skin

When it comes to your face, it’s also a good idea to treat it with care. After all, the more you put it through, the likelier it is to show the wear and tear of aging. Some people might be tempted to exfoliate regularly to rid themselves of dead skin cells, but this can be damaging to your face. Do it too often, and your skin cells will be exposed to the elements far too soon, making you look older. Only exfoliate a couple of times a week, and do it with a gentle facial scrub. Avoid things like chemical peels to prevent from damaging your skin.

Wear sunscreen

Years spent soaking up the sun can have an unfortunate effect on our skin. In fact, sun damage is responsible for 90% of premature skin aging cases. It’s bad enough that our bodies are already making us look older, but now the sun is having an effect too? While it’s hard to stay out of the sun without becoming a recluse, you can combat its effects by wearing sunscreen regularly. You might feel a little silly applying it all the time, but it’s been known to reduce crepey skin in many older people.

Drink water

If you want your skin to still have that youthful glow without makeup, then you’ll want to make sure you drink plenty of water. It keeps you hydrated and removes all those toxins from the body, keeping you looking younger and healthier too. It’s hard to know exactly how much you should drink, but somewhere in the region of two to three liters is ideal. If you have coffee and/or adult beverages during the day, it’s probably best to drink more, because these substances can dehydrate you.

How to prevent looking older

Change up your wardrobe

Looking younger isn’t just about treating your skin well. It involves dressing in a way that will stop you giving off an older appearance. That includes wearing clothes that aren’t dull in color. Things like pale lavender and gray can actually make you look older because they wash you out. It’s a good idea to brighten up your wardrobe a little, although you don’t need to dress like a rainbow every day.

Do something with your hair

Something else to take into consideration is how you style your hair. It’s advised that you don’t cut it short, as more often than not, this ages you. Furthermore, if you dye your hair to keep it from going gray, try for a shade that’s lighter than what you’re after. Just as with your clothes, duller colors can age you, so it’s best to go for something a bit brighter.

Hopefully one day there will be a cure for aging. However, until we reach that point, we’ll just have to settle for these useful anti-aging tips.