Things to do while your partner is watching the World Cup

Ahhh, the World Cup. Although this event occurs just once every four years, it’s one of the most magnificent events in the content calendar. Yep, the whole world comes together to celebrate the art of soccer – and pretty much the whole world is obsessed with it. Of course, there are some people who aren’t as taken by kicking a ball into a net as others, and it can be hard on those who are in a relationship with those who are World-Cup-obsessed. Luckily, there are so many things to do while your partner is watching the World Cup, you won’t have to pretend you understand the rules any more…

Visit your friends

Although we love our partners more than anything, we both get a little techy during the World Cup. They get annoyed that were not paying the game as much attention as they are, and we get annoyed that they’re not paying us as much attention as they are the television. So, you might as well take this opportunity to have a little break from each other and visit your friends. They might be in the same boat, so you can all gaggle together to talk about how darn obsessed your partners are with a sporting event.

Watch a movie

You might not be interested in the World Cup, but you might not want to sacrifice your snuggle time with your partner. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to force yourself to watch the soccer and deal with the 90-minute boredom of game after game. Instead, you can grab your laptop or tablet and log onto Netflix while snuggling under a blanket with your significant other. This way you can still spend time with your loved one, but you can watch something that you actually enjoy. Plug in some headphones so the cheers and chants of the game are drowned out, and so your movie doesn’t interrupt the match.

Make something delicious

If your partner is engrossed in the World Cup, you probably need some comfort food. If this is the case, you might want to get yourself in the kitchen to make something delicious. Bake yourself some brownies, cook a delicious dinner, or try out a recipe you’ve been sitting on for months. This will not only keep you busy while the soccer is on, but it will also give you some pretty epic results. If you really want, you could even share the food with your partner. Or you could keep it to yourself…

Learn the rules

Soccer isn’t for everyone, but it may be one of the few passions in your partner’s life. Of course, we always want to make them happy, so it might do you well to learn the rules of soccer and try to get into it. This will show your partner that you are willing to learn to love something that they love, and it might even entice them to record the match and take you out for dinner instead. We can dream, anyway.

Learn a language

The World Cup is on for a whole month. Yep, that’s nearly three games every day for four weeks, which gives you a lot of free time. So what the heck do you do? Well, you could try and learn a new language? Every time a match is on you can plug in your headphones and download your Rosetta Stone app to learn Spanish, French, Italian, or even something entirely different. You won’t get distracted by your partner, you won’t have to keep them entertained, and you have time to yourself for once. What a bonus.

If your partner is obsessed with the World Cup, you’ll know just how boring it can be to sit and watch a game every single day. So, make sure that you’re making the most out of these things to do while your partner is watching the World Cup!