Tips for an affordable wedding

Weddings are not known for being affordable affairs. In fact, the national average cost of a U.S wedding in 2016 was $35,329 which is certainly not cheap. Of course, we all want to have our dream day, but is one day worth getting into debt for? Do you have to compromise on your perfect day in order to keep costs down? Thankfully, there are ways you can save a little cash when planning your big day, without letting go of your dream.

Buy second-hand

Due to the nature of a wedding, most items are only ever used once, just for a few hours that one day. So, when you come to buy second-hand, it is likely to be in near-perfect condition. A lot of brides are willing to sell on everything from dresses to decorations and beyond, just to recoup some of their money, and clear out some space – so expect to get some pretty good bargains!

Don’t use the word “wedding.”

Known as the “wedding tax”, this is when the word ‘wedding’ seems to make the price of something rapidly shoot up! For example, a bouquet of flowers is one price, but the same flowers as a wedding bouquet can be over twice the price. When it comes to searching online for something, omit the word wedding to get a better deal. When calling different suppliers for quotes, say that you’re looking for whatever it is you need for a party instead of a wedding. You’ll be surprised at how much this can bring the price down.

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Tips for an affordable wedding

Choose your time wisely

As with most things, there is a peak wedding season which is when they are likely to charge more. For example, a Saturday wedding in August is likely to cost a whole load more than a Tuesday wedding in February. If possible, consider a mid-week wedding (although avoid holidays!), and look at when the off-peak season is for the venue. If you want a summer wedding but are looking to save some cash, try booking at the very end of the off-peak season, just before peak summer arrives. This should give you the perfect compromise of good weather and a cheap deal. Other services such as photographers, for example, might charge more during peak times, or only take on all-day bookings, so do your research before you book.

Cut down on the extras

It’s so easy to get carried away and swept up in wedding fever, but these little extras add up! Although you might think that Save the Date cards are the done thing, could you maybe send them via email instead? Could you double up and make your place settings the favor too? Do you have a friend or family member who is a hairdresser and who would be willing to do your hair for you instead of buying a gift? Think about things before you say yes to the little extras.

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Tips for an affordable wedding

Rent for the day

You don’t have to buy everything outright, just for one day. Even if you’re looking at getting some of your wedding items second hand, it might be easier to just rent them for the day. If your groomsmen probably won’t wear their suits again, look at renting them for the day at a fraction of the cost. Decorations, from bunting and post boxes to centerpieces and candy carts, can be rented and will save you having to try and sell them on after the day to recoup some of your costs.

You don’t have to give up your dreams of a perfect day for you and your partner just because you’re on a budget. With a bit of creativity, and planning you can have a fantastic wedding, without worrying about the costs. It also means you can start your new married life debt-free. Bliss!