Ways to instantly feel better when you’re down

Everyone has those days when things just feel a little “bleh.” Sometimes it’s a series of little things that bring it on, other times it can be nothing at all. However, when you’re feeling down, things can seem hopeless. Thankfully, there are things you can do to turn your frown upside down and feel happier again.

Stick some music on

Music can change your mood, in any direction, so why not set up a playlist full of songs that make you smile? Perhaps some old school tunes that remind you of happy times, or fun party songs that make you want to dance around your house!

Photo: Unsplash.com

Take a bath

A relax in the tub can be the perfect antidote to a bad mood. Fill it with bubbles, take in a drink, light some candles, and put on a face mask. Make it a real pamper and you’re bound to feel better afterward.

Watch a film

We all have those films that we can watch over and over again. The ones that you can quote every line to and that make you laugh out loud. Find one and really enjoy the nostalgia.

Get dressed up

Sometimes you can feel down because you’re stuck in a rut. A great way to combat this is to take a shower, do your hair and makeup, and put on an outfit you love. If you look great, you might start to feel great too.


Helping others makes anyone feel good about themselves. Find some voluntary work to do, whether that’s donating food to a homeless shelter, or walking rescue dogs, you’ll be making a difference to others and yourself.

Go and do something spontaneous

Staying in bed might feel tempting when you’re down, and sometimes it’s a good way to feel better, however, a lot of the time you really just need to get out and about. Do something you know you love, or try something brand new. Take yourself on a spontaneous date.

Take a walk

Exercise can really help get those endorphins pumping, and getting out into the fresh air can feel great too – especially if you can get some Vitamin D from the sunshine! Pop in some headphones and get walking.

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Eat something nice

Whether you fancy a whole tub of ice cream, barbeque or some chips and dip, whatever it is that cheers you up, allow yourself to enjoy it, without worrying about the nutritional value! Go on, just this once…


A hug can make the world of difference if you’re feeling down. Whether you hug your partner, a family member, a friend, a dog or just a teddy bear, a really good cuddle can make things feel better.

Call a friend

Pick up the phone and call your best friend. You could talk about what it is that’s making you feel down, or just laugh about memories. Chatting to someone you love will instantly make you feel better.

So save this list for the next time you feel down, and feel free to add some of your own ideas too.