Ways to take better care of your laptop

Ever heard the saying that if you take care of something, it will take care of you? Well, that is absolutely true for a laptop computer. Laptops aren’t the cheapest of devices and it’s really rewarding to make them last as long as possible. Here are some ways to make sure you take care of your laptop so that you get its full value.

Ways to take better care of your laptop

Take a break from the charger

Leaving your laptop plugged in causes a higher voltage to be running through the battery all the time. This places more physical stress on the battery and causes it to die more quickly. So charge your laptop to near 100 percent, then remove the charger for a few hours. You can begin to charge it again between 20 and 40 percent.

Turn it off every now and then

Shutting down the laptop turns off some of the high-performance components of the laptop, which just like the battery, places less stress on them so that they last longer. Some experts say your laptop should be shut down at least once a week. It also helps to clear the memory and have programs run more smoothly when you start it up again.

Use the right laptop bag

You’ll want to put your laptop in a good bag when you transport it. The right laptop bag has strong handles and good padding for shock absorption. The bag should also have separate compartments to store other things like the mouse and charger so that they don’t scratch the laptop.

Keep it cool

At higher temperatures, the physical components of the laptop start to degrade. This is especially true if you use your laptop for long periods of time and for high-performance tasks like gaming. Make sure to keep the air vent clear for good airflow and maybe consider investing in a cooling pad.

Try not to leave it in the car

For the same reason as you want to keep the laptop cool, you don’t want it to be left in the car. The temperature inside a car can soar to more than 150°F in the summer. The laptop is also in direct sunlight if left in the car and the UV rays can damage some of the components and the cover.

Take it for a clean

It’s surprising the amount of dust and dirt that can gather in a laptop over time. Take it for a regular clean at a computer store to remove these horrid particles and improve the temperature regulation of your laptop. You can help to keep your laptop clean by washing your hands before using it as this limits the oil from your fingers being transferred to the keys. You can also protect the screen by placing a specifically designed foam or plastic on the keys before closing the laptop.

Ways to take better care of your laptop

Mind the software

There are several ways to take care of your laptop’s software from keeping it updated, to backing it up once in a while. It is also important to keep your antivirus updated and to defragment your hard drive. Taking care of the software helps the laptop to run faster and freeze less. This will also keep your data and files secure in the event that any software mishap like a virus or system crash occurs.