Bachelorette party destinations that are better than Vegas

If you or your bestie is getting ready to walk down the aisle and start a new chapter, then it’s fair to say that you can’t finish the old chapter without saying a fond farewell. So, you just have to plan the most epic bachelorette party known to woman! Although most people think of Vegas when it comes to any bachelorette party, that doesn’t mean it’s the only option. In fact, there are so many destinations around the world that offer so much in terms of fun, frolicing, food, and of course, some fizz.

Bachelorette party destinations that are better than Vegas

Manhattan, New York

What better way to celebrate your girls’ last few weeks as a single lady than living it large in New York City? Although there are so many places within the Big Apple to have fun and party the night away, Manhattan adds that little bit of class that most people want from their bachelorette party. You can check out some of the hottest rooftop bars, you could stay in a glorious hotel, and you could even eat at some of the best restaurants in the world. Plus, everyone needs to go to New York at some point in their lives!

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Many people associate Cabo San Lucas with college students making the most of their Spring Break, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t haul your favorite girl friends across the ocean to check it out for yourself. In fact, Cabo is the perfect bachelorette party destination because it not only offers the most beautiful weather and scenery, but it also offers a huge number of activities. Food and drink is relatively cheap in this stunning destination, and you can bet your bottom dollar that there are some pretty intense parties going on each night. What more could you want?

London, England

If you’ve never been to England, then heading to London for a bachelorette party may be the excuse you need to finally check it out for yourself. This city is perfect for bachelorettes who want to party the night away, because London has everything from laid-back pubs, to thriving bars and underground speak-easies, to giant warehouse raves. There really is everything you could possibly want in one place, and that’s not to mention everything else you can see during the day. Head to Buckingham Palace and then grab a plate of pie and mash to line your stomach before the big night.

Bachelorette party destinations that are better than Vegas

Herradura, Costa Rica

If you have a bride-to-be that loves to keep moving and loves to explore her sense of adventure, then a trip to Herradura could be the trip for you. It’s the perfect bachelorette destination for those who want to party the night away, but still want to make the most of their vacation time. In Herradura, you can either check out the beaches and laze on the sand with a few cocktails in your hand, or you could head into the jungle and zip line through the trees. The opportunities really are endless.

If you’re looking to plan a bachelorette party, Las Vegas may be at the top of your list because it’s the traditional choice. However, it might be time to think outside of the box and choose something that’s a little different – like these places.