Best places to go on a girls trip

Nothing beats spending time with our BFFs, but we don’t always get that quality time we are craving often enough. There’s this little thing called “LIFE” that often gets in the way. That’s why planning ahead and making time for our best girlfriends is essential. What better way to celebrate our special girly bonds than by taking a trip together? And while we will have fun no matter where we go, there are a few select locations that are by far the best places to go on a girls trip.


If being in the wilderness is something that the girl pack enjoys, then Arizona is a winner. Hiking the famous Red Rocks, horseback riding, and loads of sightseeing are on the list of possible things to do. Spend some time checking out the Grands Canyon (it really is quite something to behold) or visit the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. Arizona is loaded with outdoor activities and gorgeous wilderness accommodations.


Miami – Florida

Sun, Sand, sparkling blue water, and all-round perfect weather. Miami is the place to go for that perfect beach getaway that isn’t far from home or the luxuries of the city. While spending hours at the beach during the day is super fun with the girls, the nightlife of Miami is just as amazing. The city is loaded with high profile dance clubs and top quality restaurants, not to mention those quaint beachside cafés!

Las-Vegas – Nevada

We have all heard the term “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” and the saying is true. Las-Vegas is one of the wildest party spots in and around Nevada. Casinos, buffets, and clubs aside, Las-Vegas also has some fantastic sites to see. Like taking a walk down the strip, the light, and music show in Fremont Street, or take a gondola ride at the Venetian Hotel. The city is also lined with museums and spectacular shows, so there is never a dull moment.

Willamette Valley – Oregon

For a more reserved getaway, why not give Willamette Valley a try? Willamette Valley is a stunning plantation that spans over 150 miles. Perfect for picturesque garden lunches and scenic walks at sunset while relaxing and unwinding with a few good friends. Why not try a spot of fly fishing along the McKenzie River? Even if nothing is caught, it will still be loads of fun watching our besties attempt to fish.


Austin – Texas

While the city of Austin is jam-packed with fun and exciting things to do, there is one thing that shines out to us above the rest. The Lake Austin Spa Resort is a destination all on its own. Booking the all-girls trip at this resort would be the ultimate relaxation getaway. Leave those everyday responsibilities behind and prepare to be pampered and rejuvenated. Not only is the resort all about relaxation, they are also all about health. Health-conscious cuisine and plenty of physical activities means that you will leave the resort feeling like a new person.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to finding the perfect destination to vacation with the girls. There’s no time like the present to pick up the phone and give that bestie a call. If you are needing a break, the chances that they are needing a break is pretty good too.