Tips for surviving a group tour

Being in a group, especially one you don’t know, is incredibly daunting. If you’re a social butterfly, this could be easy, but sometimes being in new places with new people is stressful. To survive a group tour, you have to be likable and warm but here are some other things to keep in mind, according to psychology:

Introduce yourself to everyone you come across

This is a great way to make friends. The more friends, the better, because we never want to be an outcast. Some people are in the exact same boat as you, so introducing yourself is all it will take to break the ice. Tell them why you are traveling or something funny about where you are from. Don’t be scared to make conversation. A smile goes a long way because psychologically we respond better to friendly faces.


Sleep on long bus or plane rides

It’s much easier to enjoy yourself when you aren’t struggling to keep your eyes open. Take time to recharge. We recharge our cellphones, laptops, and cameras but we forget to recharge ourselves. Take the time of long rides to sleep and get some rest. Put some relaxing music on and close your eyes. On a group tour, activities are jam-packed, people are always around, and sometimes you need to chill out for a bit. Sleeping during these rides makes them go faster and helps your brain to recollect itself and recover from all the stimulation it gets on the tour.

Don’t be late

This is the number one way to be hated in a tour group. Being late slows everything down for everyone so don’t waste time. People hate having their day messed around, so don’t be the one doing it. At night, even when going out, make sure your alarm is set for the next morning so you don’t oversleep. During the day, wear a watch so you can check the time without pulling your phone out of your bag every five minutes. This is practical advice, but psychologically it is hard to be an outsider in a group so avoiding upsetting fellow travelers is best.

Take some alone time

Introverts need more time alone. If you are an introvert, it can be overwhelming to be around people for so long on the tour. It is proven that alone time is good for everyone, though. This advice isn’t just for introverts. We need alone time to allow for more empathy and destress. You could journal and write down the details of each day of the tour. This is great for a keepsake. You could plan your outfit for the following day – this is also helpful to boost your confidence. The choice is yours to make and that is what makes alone time so great. No pretenses and no social exhaustion.


Have no expectations

We all have reasons for doing the things we do. Maybe you are going on tour to see new things, experience different landscapes, relax, or make new friends. Whatever the reasons are, don’t let them cloud your tour. Don’t go in with too many expectations because this is a sure-fire way to disappoint yourself. Be open-minded and have fun whatever comes your way. Chances are you spent a lot of money to get to go on tour, so don’t waste it on emotions that are not necessary. Be yourself and have a blast!