Ways travel isn’t like the old days

Our existence is dynamic, forever changing, never in a state of stagnation. If you consider our timeline, it is absolutely mind-boggling to have to comprehend the hundreds of advancements that have been made recently over astoundingly short periods of time. Ways in which travel has changed are no different.

Ways travel isn’t like the old days


In the old days, the only way you knew where you were going was if you had a map book or one of those massive unfolding paper maps that you could never fold back to their original condition, a genuine knowledge of some road signs, the direction of the four cardinal points, or at least a compass, and a serious amount of skill. If you never had any of the above, you had better hope you knew how to navigate using the stars otherwise there was a good chance you were going to be lost. Nowadays with GPS, you don’t have to know any of the above. All you need is a destination and an electronic device with a navigation function or an application easily accessible on your mobile device. That is provided you are lucky enough to not lose signal or run out of data.

Social media

Thanks to social media, the list of available options to travel are endless. Nowadays, travelers spend a vast majority of their holiday recording picturesque moments and the rest of it updating their social media accounts. There are even a select few, known as travel bloggers, who
have turned travel into more than just a pass time but an entire career. For those not fortunate enough to be jetting off around the world, these people get to live vicariously through those who are fortunate enough to be doing exactly that. We use other people’s marvelous adventures to dream up adventures of our own.

Ways travel isn’t like the old days

Planning a trip

Let’s be honest. No one really wants to have to plan and take responsibility for entire vacations. It’s an absolute mission and takes a lot of the fun away from the idea of going on a holiday. These days though, we have things called travel agents and holidays packages. Aside from the above mentioned, this method of planning is a lot more efficient. When planning a holiday to a place you don’t really know, you end up relying a lot on the sometimes over-embellished advertising strategies of guidebooks as well as the opinions and reviews of a lot of other people that may or may not know exactly what they are talking about. With travel agencies and holiday packages, you rely more on actual expertise of those who have a reputation to uphold, potentially avoiding a lot of disappointment.


A huge inconvenience when traveling is not being able to understand the native language. Although not impossible, it could prove quite difficult to learn the spoken language of every place you would like to visit even with the same language being spoken in multiple places. In the old days that was a problem but nowadays, with all the translation apps available as well as the concept of globalization and the general readiness of people to learn new languages with the easily accessible language apps, communication has become much less of a barrier to efficient and effective travel.